Dug Barker

About Dug Barker

Dug Barker is a Silver Coach, Youth Director at Ken-Bowl Lanes, and is based in Louisville, KY. A member of the Positive Coaching Alliance, he is a two-time Top 100 Coach.

The Expense of a Missed Opportunity

Conversations to nowhere

The Expense of a Missed Opportunity

I have had a summer of both watching and competing in tournaments. Also, as I believe all good coaches of any sport do, I’ve spend a good bit of time reading about our sport, the mental game and other sports... [Read More]

Observations from the USBC Open Championships

Random thoughts from a bowler/coach

Observations from the USBC Championships

I sit here on Father’s Day (and my wife’s birthday) waiting for the train to take me home. I am reflecting upon my experience at the USBC tourney this year as a player and my observations as a coach. Thoughts... [Read More]

Last Minute Advice for Junior Gold

Do's and don'ts for competitors and their parents

As you read this a large number of you are preparing for, on the way to, or already in Las Vegas for the 2011 USBC Junior Gold Tournament. As a parent, a personal coach, a collegiate coach who was recruiting,... [Read More]

Words Can Be Dangerous

Lessons from the youth coaching world

Words Can Be Dangerous

My philosophy about coaching youth (in bowling or any other sport), as I have written previously, focuses on a two-fold agenda: Using the sport to teach lessons about life. Giving the youth bowler the tools to become the best bowler... [Read More]

Coaching the Disabled Athlete

A young girl’s path from frustration to improvement, self-confidence, and determination

Coaching the Disabled Athlete

One day, about three years ago, I saw a family of five bowling together in the center where I coach my collegiate team. They were laughing, smiling, and enjoying being together. I immediately reflected on my family. We all bowl... [Read More]

Odds and Ends on Coaching and Competing

Tips for parents, practicing with a purpose, and tracking your progress

Odds and Ends on Coaching and Competing

I am so pleased and excited to see Bowling This Month back up and running. Our sport needs highly technical education. BTM brings the technical education to the athletic endeavors of serious bowlers and hopefully will be part of a... [Read More]

Demonstrating Ball Motion

Drills that coax kids out of their comfort zone

Demonstrating Ball Motion

This is the time of year when young athletes decide to learn more about bowling. The reasons for the additional learning desire could be an upcoming move from middle school to high school (we don't have middle school bowling in... [Read More]

The Non-Physical / Non-Mental Game

Basics on ball and lane surface, drilling and layout, and applying knowledge

The Non-Physical Non-Mental Game

I competed in a local tournament recently which always draws a strong field with a wide variety of styles and techniques. After I was knocked out, I sat with a young two-handed player with truly BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals).... [Read More]