Defining the Game Through Biomechanics

Dissecting the physical game of Amleto Monacelli

Defining the Game Through Biomechanics

This month, I want to introduce biomechanical terminology to readers and describe Amleto Monacelli’s physical game with these terms. Amleto, who has won 19 PBA titles (ranking 14th) and was named PBA Player of the Year twice, recently trained with... [Read More]

A How-To for Adjusting Ball Speed

The importance of ball speed change and a research-based method to change it


Many bowlers arrive at the Kegel Training Center with a strong desire to increase their rev rate. These individuals perceive higher revolutions as a panacea or the ultimate solution for improving their game. Yet, in reality, the ability to manipulate... [Read More]

Using the Quiet Eye to Avoid Choking

Long gazes can really help you win

Using the Quiet Eye to Avoid Choking

“Choking can be prevented through the optimal management of [quiet eye] duration as physiological arousal increases to maximum. Our results show that at the outset of [high pressure] competition, there is a tendency to reduce [quiet eye] duration on critical... [Read More]

Targeting for Left Eye-Dominant Righthanded Bowlers

What C.A.T.S. revealed about the most effective targeting methods

Targeting for Left Eye-Dominant Righthanded Bowlers

Eye dominance is an important consideration for both coaches and bowlers. This is especially important in cross dominant situations in which the bowler’s dominant vision is driven through the eye on the other side of the swing line. Clearly, this... [Read More]

Patterns in 3D

Visualizing micro-topography in lane conditions


Unlike other sports, where the environment is clearly identifiable, the playing field in bowling is nearly invisible to the naked eye. As they compete, bowlers can’t see the actual structure or topography of the lane condition used in competition. Rather,... [Read More]

Ball Motion Gap Analysis

Identifying your assets and liabilities through a three-tiered evaluation process

Ball Motion Gap Analysis

May is a transitional time for most bowlers in the world. League and international club seasons are coming to a close with national champions being crowned for the season, AMF World Cup representatives are chosen, and clubs are promoted or... [Read More]

Random Coaching Thoughts

From tape placement to swing slot

Every now and then, I collect my random coaching thoughts and compile these into a full article. This is one such article. Often, experimenting with different concepts to aid a bowler leads to a significant breakthrough for a single bowler... [Read More]

Neurology and Bowling

What brain research tells us about skill acquisition and effective practice


In the past decade, an explosion of recent findings in the field of neurological research has revealed significant insights into how our brain works. These new findings often contradict conventional wisdom about mental development and structure. No more does the... [Read More]