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  • 1. Hand positions
  • 2. Ball speed
  • 3. Playing angles
  • 4. Arsenal
  • 5. Lofting
  • 6. Moving your “spot”
  • 7. Conclusion

A well-known quote from The Godfather says, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” If you are a serious competitive bowler, every time you shoe up every other bowler out there that day is your enemy. Be that as it may, your enemies can be a tremendous help to you if you really get to know them and notice what they’re doing. Let’s take a close look at your enemies and see how they can help you.

Hand Position Harry is the person who insists that having a whole arsenal of bowling balls is needless if you can adjust your hand position or release to change the roll of your ball to increase your carry or, heaven forbid, to get to the pocket. He rarely moves very far from his comfort zone, usually around the second arrow, but can manage get to the pocket by making slight hand position changes. Harry also doesn’t use a spare ball because he truly believes that he can flatten out his reactive ball and be just as accurate in picking up his spares using his method.

Ball Speed Bob is the guy who plays the second arrow, moves outside to the 8th board when the lanes are tight, and moves “deep” to the 12th board when the lanes dry out. When they get really dry, he throws it harder. Drier yet=harder yet, etc.

One Angle Ollie is the guy who can only play one angle. Whether it is up the boards, down the boards, or out, when his angle is working he can be deadly. When his angle is not working, he might as well go home.

Arsenal Arnie is the bowler who shows up with twelve bowling balls to bowl league at the same center each week. He is often confused because he spends his time buying bowling balls rather than learning about them.

Day Tripper Dan loves to move all over the lane, even on a typical house shot. Dan would rather move five or six boards to carry the corner than make a ball change or a hand position change. Dan is often lost on the lanes.

If something catches your attention out of the corner of your eye when you’re on the approach, it could ...

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Rob Mautner is a USBC Silver Level Certified Coach. Rob can be found on the lanes coaching and bowling in Las Vegas, Nevada.