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  • 1. Where to start the approach
  • 2. Speed up the feet
  • 3. Aim your feet at spares
  • 4. Don’t use the left side of the lane for left side spares
  • 5. Don’t throw the big hook? Then don’t stand in big hook’s spot

Sometimes the smallest things in bowling can make the difference between success and failure. In over 20 years of coaching at the professional level, I have learned that sometimes even a very small positive change can create a year of success for a professional bowler or competitive amateur. A small positive change can also make a noticeable difference in a 170 average league bowler, although more likely they need more help than one small change.

Another thing I have learned in 20 years of coaching is that very few things seem to work forever. A change that helped a pro skyrocket to the top of the leader board one year may not work at all the next year. We bowl in an ever changing environment which is why the best bowlers never stop changing things to stay on top.

In this two-part article I would like to share with you some small things that have made big differences in players’ games over the last few years. Some of these things may be brand new to you and some of them you may have tried before and they didn’t work at the time. Even if they didn’t work in the past, they may work today and here’s why.

Whether we realize it or not, our physical games change over time because our bodies change over time. We are not bowling with the same body we bowled with two years ago, nor are we likely bowling with the same ball, or on the same lane conditions. I honestly believe our bodies get bored with doing the same thing all the time and they just need a change to wake up.

So let’s look at some small changes that could be the next big thing for your game. Keep in mind that your body resists change and it is very likely that even a positive change will feel ...

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Ron Clifton

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Ron Clifton has been coaching at the professional level for 25 years. He conducts “Advanced Bowler Training Clinics” across the U.S. and is the inventor and manufacturer of Ron C’s Magic Carpet for thumbholes. Ron can be found on the web at