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  • 1. S is for speed
  • 2. Speeding up
  • 3. Slowing down
  • 4. E is for equipment

S is for speed

Some think speed is the most difficult of all adjustments, as it tends to mess with your timing the most. That can be true, especially if you manipulate your speed range by trying to use either your arm (throw harder) or your feet (run to the foul line). “Well, if I don’t throw harder or go faster, how am I supposed to get the ball to go faster?” you might ask.

You’ll often hear, “Throw it harder” from your league coaches (you know – the ones who average more than you). They believe you need more ball speed and the way to produce that speed is to “throw harder”. Not so much.

Speed is matter of mind. It’s a whole package deal. Parts of your body cannot go faster than other parts. We are all going to the foul line together. Therefore, you cannot keep your rhythm and “throw harder” while everything else remains the same. You can’t have “fast feet” and your arm speed remain the same as it was when you didn’t have happy feet. In fact, if you try to throw harder or go faster, your rhythm will be compromised beyond instant repair.

If you want to increase your ball speed, you need to increase your approach momentum. The faster you go to the foul line, the faster the ball speed will be. It’s that simple. If you want to go slower, then all of you just strolls to the line. You’re giving an uncomplicated command to the greatest computer in the world and it will execute your command. There is no need for you to become involved in the PROCESS of speed control – just give the order to the computer, hit enter, and go!

Trying to speed your feet up and ignoring the fact that your arm must synchronize with your footwork will cause the ball to arrive at the delivery ...

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Susie Minshew

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Susie Minshew is a USBC Gold Coach, Master Silver Instructor, a regional PWBA champion, and past president of IBPSIA. She has authored two new books, Whoever Finds It First, Wins and Bowling Whisperer. Visit her online at