September 2010 Content Archive

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The six qualities of a champion

Going for the Gold

“Each of us has a fire inside for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and keep it lit.” -Mary Lou Retton In Indianapolis last July something big was brewing in bowling. Literally thousands of youth bowlers and...

How to film your bowling

Going To the Picture Show

Last month, I mentioned the importance of video work for the members of the national team at training camp. Actually, its benefits extend far beyond a single camp. High level bowlers and coaches use video analysis on a regular basis...

What brain research tells us about skill acquisition and effective practice


In the past decade, an explosion of recent findings in the field of neurological research has revealed significant insights into how our brain works. These new findings often contradict conventional wisdom about mental development and structure. No more does the...

Random thoughts from a bowler/coach

Observations from the USBC Championships

I sit here on Father’s Day (and my wife’s birthday) waiting for the train to take me home. I am reflecting upon my experience at the USBC tourney this year as a player and my observations as a coach. Thoughts...

A spare shooting system for modern high average bowlers

The Shadow Pin Spare System

Living in Las Vegas where there are over a dozen bowling centers, most of which have over 60 lanes, I get the opportunity to watch good bowlers every day. Whether in leagues, tournaments, pot games, or practice, I believe the...