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Bowling This Month is an online magazine for serious competitive bowlers. Our only focus is on delivering cutting-edge technical information aimed at helping you become a better bowler.

The BTM Book Report: ‘Grit’

The BTM Book Report: 'Grit'

About the Book Title: Grit Author: Angela Duckworth Length: 352 pages (hardcover) Publisher: Scribner Copyright Year: 2016 Despite research showing that people are more like to say that hard work is more important than talent, the same respondents will say... [Read More]

The BTM Interview: Rebecca Whiting


Leading up to the 2022 IBF Bowling World Cup in Australia, Bowling This Month contributor Dean Champ interviewed Australian Rebecca Whiting, winner of the 2019 QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Indonesia. The 2022 IBF Bowling World Cup is being hosted at the... [Read More]

The BTM Book Report: ‘Zen Golf’

The BTM Book Report: 'Zen Golf'

About the Book Title: Zen Golf Author: Dr. Joseph Parent Length: 224 pages (hardcover) Publisher: Doubleday Copyright Year: 2002 As its name implies, Zen Golf is a mental game book aimed at golfers. Author Dr. Joseph Parent presents an interesting... [Read More]

Introducing The BTM Bowling Night Blog

Analysis from Tyrel Rose's weekly league night

Introduction to The BTM Bowling Night Blog

For the 2022-2023 league season, Bowling This Month is introducing a new weekly blog from our Director of Content, Tyrel Rose. This blog is meant to offer insights into the mind of a top-level coach and former competitive bowler out... [Read More]

The BTM Book Report: ‘The Talent Code’

The BTM Book Report: 'The Talent Code'

About the Book Title: The Talent Code Author: Daniel Coyle Length: 288 pages (hardcover) Publisher: Bantam Copyright Year: 2009 Daniel Coyle's The Talent Code appropriately breaks up its lessons into three large chunks: deep practice, ignition, and master coaching. These... [Read More]

The BTM Interview: Bryanna Coté


Leading up to the 2022 PWBA season, Bowling This Month has interviewed three athletes to discuss their 2021 campaigns and their preparations for 2022. In this final installment, we talk to the reigning PWBA Player of the Year, Bryanna Coté.... [Read More]