The BTM Interview: Kyle Troup

The BTM Interview: Kyle Troup

Kyle Troup has seven career PBA Tour titles, including the 2021 PBA Players Championship, and currently sits atop the 2021 PBA points list. Bowling This Month sat down with Kyle after the 2021 PBA Lubbock Sports Open to chat about... [Read More]

The BTM Book Report: ‘Chatter’

The BTM Book Report: 'Chatter'

About the Book Title: Chatter Author: Ethan Kross Length: 272 pages (hardcover) Publisher: Crown Copyright Year: 2021 Ethan Kross's Chatter is a book about self-talk. Specifically, it explores the negative self-talk loop that people can find themselves in and what... [Read More]

The BTM Book Report: ‘Atomic Habits’

The BTM Book Report: 'Atomic Habits'

About the Book Title: Atomic Habits Author: James Clear Length: 320 pages (hardcover) Publisher: Avery Copyright Year: 2018 James Clear's Atomic Habits can roughly be characterized as a handbook for improving your life by reducing your bad habits and increasing... [Read More]