Ball Motion Gap Analysis

Identifying your assets and liabilities through a three-tiered evaluation process

Ball Motion Gap Analysis

May is a transitional time for most bowlers in the world. League and international club seasons are coming to a close with national champions being crowned for the season, AMF World Cup representatives are chosen, and clubs are promoted or... [Read More]

Random Coaching Thoughts

From tape placement to swing slot

Every now and then, I collect my random coaching thoughts and compile these into a full article. This is one such article. Often, experimenting with different concepts to aid a bowler leads to a significant breakthrough for a single bowler... [Read More]

Neurology and Bowling

What brain research tells us about skill acquisition and effective practice


In the past decade, an explosion of recent findings in the field of neurological research has revealed significant insights into how our brain works. These new findings often contradict conventional wisdom about mental development and structure. No more does the... [Read More]

An Anatomical Approach to Fitting and Drilling

A review of the hand and the motivations for the ADT grip

An Anatomical Approach to Fitting and Drilling

I recently devised an anatomically-guided fitting and drilling technique that I call the Anatomical Drilling Technique (ADT). With this grip, I believe the ball now feels like it is a natural extension of the hand. This fitting process was developed... [Read More]

How to Transfer Energy Cleanly

Creating efficiency in your swing line

How to Transfer Energy Cleanly

The physical game is best understood in terms of energy transfer. You transfer energy from the body to the bowling ball. As you move through the approach, you build potential energy that is transferred to kinetic energy at the release.... [Read More]

The 3×3 Box

A visual tool for improved comprehension of lane play

The 3x3 Box

Improving lane play remains one of the biggest challenges in our sport. Lane surface materials vary widely and topographical differences lane-to-lane can make the same pattern play very differently in the same bowling center. Moreover, bowling has a variety of... [Read More]

How Specific Muscles Contribute to an Elite Release

...and how to strengthen them with resistance training

How Specific Muscles Contribute to an Elite Release

Over the past five years, I have focused attention on understanding how specific muscles and joint movements contribute to energy production and the efficient transfer of this energy from bowler to ball. Through this focused research, the functions of an... [Read More]

Calculating a Downswing Angle

How to create an elite swing shape

Calculating a Downswing Angle

In order to maximize energy transfer to the bowling ball, a bowler must establish a strong hand position into the release. To obtain a great hand position at release, the index finger should be pointing at the pins. This requires... [Read More]

New Year’s Resolutions for Bowlers

How to make them and how to use them

New Year's Resolutions for Bowlers

As we embark into 2015 with enthusiasm, hope, and aspirations, the transition from 2014 to 2015 presents an opportunity to reflect on our actions, achievements, and disappointments from last year. Formally making a list of resolutions may have become cliché... [Read More]