Making the Most of a Low Rev Rate – Part 1

The four types of low rev rate players and strategies for speed-dominant gunners

Making the Most of a Low Rev Rate - Part 1

Back when I had a pro shop, I'd often have people come in to ask about a new ball who described their game as "throwing it like Norm Duke." To most of the people who have ever said that: no,... [Read More]

Better Ball Speed as We Age

Small increases and other adjustments to adapt to declining speed

Better Ball Speed as We Age

Over the years, I've primarily coached two kinds of bowlers: competitive and elite bowlers looking to break into the national/international level and senior bowlers looking to prolong their enjoyment of the game. This article will focus on the latter. As... [Read More]

Common Issues for Elite Bowlers

Unique traits gone wrong, mental struggles, and tactical bias


Let me start by saying that there is nothing too common about elite players. There can be various definitions of the word elite, but for the purpose of this article, I simply want to differentiate them from the advanced bowlers... [Read More]

Solving the Practice Puzzle

On-lane and off-lane training systems to improve your performance

Solving the Practice Puzzle

Aside from identifying the areas of your game to work on, one of bowling's biggest challenges is knowing what to work on, and when. When it comes to off-lane training, how do you balance your workouts with your tournaments so... [Read More]

Coach, I’ve Got a Question! – July 2023


In this recurring feature, I answer questions from Bowling This Month readers. If you have questions, please leave them in the comment section below so I can address them in a future installment of Coach, I’ve Got a Question! I'm working... [Read More]

Common Issues for Advanced Bowlers

The details that matter for physical, tactical, and mental game improvement

Common Issues for Advanced Bowlers

In the first two parts of this series, we looked at some of the common problems faced by beginner and intermediate bowlers. For this third installment, we'll be looking at more advanced players. Keep in mind that we are going... [Read More]