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General Info

Name:Tank Yellowjacket
Reviewed:July 2023
Coverstock Specs
Name:Frixion M5 Solid MCP
Type:Microcell Polymer
Box Finish:1000 Grit LSS
Core Specs
Name:Flux Symmetric
Int. Diff:0.000

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The Tank Yellowjacket is the newest addition to the Motiv arsenal. This Tank uses the high RG (2.57″) and very low differential (0.015″) Flux Symmetric core design that was previously used in the Desert Tank, the urethane Purple Tank, and the Thrill. The bright yellow coverstock is a new formulation of Microcell Polymer called Frixion Mark 5 Solid MCP. It features Motiv’s new Duramax technology, which aims to help maintain the surface roughness better than before. The Tank Yellowjacket comes out of the box with a 1000 grit sanded finish to help it create motion with its low-flaring core shape. The change to the Flux core design cut down the total hook compared to the Carbide Tank, helping make the Tank Yellowjacket ideal for drier conditions.

Cranker’s rev-dominant style gave him the best overall look with this ball, and he had a very nice reaction on the dry test pattern. He could be as aggressive with his release as he wanted, and the ball didn’t overreact at the end of the pattern like so many balls do for him on this condition. The Tank Yellowjacket gave him more midlane and continuation than the Desert Tank, and it kept him from having to move his feet right like he had to do with the Blue Tank as the oil started to push down the lane. He didn’t need to make any surface changes on this pattern. Cranker easily had the best reaction of the three testers on the medium oil condition. His higher rev rate gave him motion and recovery that the other two testers didn’t have with the box finish. He needed to play more direct with his angles through the front, and he could really

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