Article Contents

  • 1. Always envision a straight line
  • 2. Alignment Process Steps
    • 2.1. Step 1:  Choose a downlane transition zone
    • 2.2. Step 2:  Choose an arrow position
    • 2.3. Step 3:  Determine laydown distance
    • 2.4. Step 4:  Enter these values into the alignment calculator
  • 3. Lane Play Alignment Calculator
    • 3.1. Step 5:  Use your zonal drift to slide in the correct location
  • 4. Quiet eye reminder
  • 5. Know the lane
  • 6. Concluding remarks

Recently, I revisited the method in which I ask bowlers to conceptualize lines. When I developed the 3-Point Targeting with Quiet Eye system, I expressed target lines with three numbers which represent the location for sliding, the position at the arrows, and the location of the focal point.

For example, 25-15-11 would be sliding at 25 with a target of 15 at the arrows projected toward a focal point at 11 (left side of the 6 pin for a righthanded bowler or the right side of the 4 pin for a lefthanded player). As bowlers moved with lane transition, the system evoked some confusion and led to issues with ensuring accuracy of the slide position as well as the focal point location to maintain a correct line of intent. Inevitably, this created unnecessary misalignment over the course of a set or block. In an effort to improve target line construction, this article intends to provide a method of accurately constructing a straight launch line reliably and consistently.

Without question, one of the most common issues for bowlers of all levels is target misalignment. Whether it is frequent, periodic, or situational, bowlers create target line misalignments which prevent accuracy and repeatability. These misalignments eliminate the ability to successfully achieve the best location down lane to maximize the use of the margin of error built-in to the pattern.

Although logical in concept, creating an accurate straight launch line from the foul line to the pins can be problematic due to the 60 plus feet from the foul line to the focal point. Yes, we can easily see the visual created between the two points, from the arrow location through the breakpoint. Yet, slide location and swing path determine the ability to throw on the intended target line. As discussed above, misalignments associated ...

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