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  • 1. Skin patch/protective tapes
  • 2. Slugs/inserts
  • 3. Sole and heel alternatives
  • 4. Towel
  • 5. Tweezers
  • 6. Wrist braces
  • 7. Wrist liner
  • 8. Anything else?

Here are more things to put your mind at ease.  Continuing our list from last time

Skin patch/protective tapes

Skin patch is a liquid used to protect injured areas of the hand from being re-injured or to protect sensitive areas of the bowling hand. It’s possible that if you have a certain type of skin in a certain climate, you may have areas on your hand which wear even though the fit is correct.

There are several tapes and stretchy materials from various manufacturers designed to prevent wear on the hand. The different colors usually represent different thicknesses. Some are pre-cut and some come on a roll so you can custom cut your length and configuration. They’re designed for the palm, the fingers, all parts of the thumb, are usually used as a preventive, and work very well. Be sure, if you use these, that the holes are drilled large enough to accommodate them.

There are different ways to apply the tape to your thumb. If you are only going to have it on the nail side, start the application on the nail itself. The tape sticks easily to it and will allow you to stretch the tape down the length of your thumb. I believe the tape should be stretched well past the last knuckle, so much so that when the thumb is inserted in the ball, the tape can still be seen. This prevents the incredibly irritating rolling up of the tape off the skin.

Other people put tape on the thumb on both sides, wrapping it either vertically or horizontally around the thumb (but rarely both). Some people think having tape on the pad side of the thumb affects your feel in the ball adversely. Others believe it enhances it. No right or wrong here. Do whatever gives you the most consistent feel.


You should always carry a few extra finger inserts and whatever you use in your thumbhole in your size and color. ...

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