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  • 1. Set your vision
  • 2. Start slowly
  • 3. Know your limits
  • 4. Ask for help
    • 4.1. Check your fit
    • 4.2. Get some coaching
    • 4.3. Get help with your fitness
  • 5. Final thoughts

Stuff happens. Injury. Burnout. Taking a break in the summer months. In my case, it was pregnancy. The reasons for extended breaks from bowling can vary significantly, but the journey back to competitive form will likely look similar. I am currently in the midst of my “comeback” and thought I would share my insights into what is most important in order to maximize the use of your time and energy.

Set your vision

What is my vision for this comeback? The first and most important step is to write it down. I am a big believer in a person having to speak things into existence. What is my long-term goal? What are the baby steps I want to achieve on the way there? What am I willing to sacrifice and how will I view setbacks?

If you are coming back from an injury, it is important to evaluate what is physically possible. When there is something as serious as a back, hip, or knee injury, there might be pieces of your game that will have to be different in order to get you back on the lanes and maintain longevity. Accepting that is the first step to improvement. If you choose to not physically change your game, you should accept that there’s the chance of re-injury.

If you have been out of the game for a longer period of time, there are a variety of things to consider. The biggest step here will be visiting your trusted pro shop. Your fit will need to be checked and it will be a great opportunity to see new equipment that has been released since you were last competitive. The game is changing ...

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Josie Barnes

About Josie Barnes

Josie is currently the Associate Head Coach of the Vanderbilt University's women's bowling team, the 2018 NCAA National Champions. Prior to taking the job as assistant coach nine years ago, she was a student-athlete and two-time NCAA Player of the Year for the Commodores. Josie is currently in her seventh year on Team USA and has two titles on the PWBA Tour.