Heather Sterner

About Heather Sterner

Heather is an NSCA-certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Functional Strength Coach, and a Licensed Massage Therapist. She has a Master's in Kinesiology (Exercise Science). Heather is a former collegiate bowler for Robert Morris University and assistant coach for the University of Central Missouri. She currently works with athletes of all sports and has recently launched BowlFIT, a website with training programs for bowlers. Heather is also the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for SUNY Brockport.

Keeping Bowling Shoulders Healthy

Mobility and strength exercises to improve shoulder function

Keeping Bowling Shoulders Healthy

In my last article, I covered some key mobility and strengthening exercises to keep the knee joint healthy. After many of our readers reported this as being very helpful, I decided to continue that theme by detailing some ways to... [Read More]

Keeping Bowling Knees Healthy

Exercises to maintain knee function and bowl pain-free


Over the past 10 years of providing advice and training programs to the bowling community, I would say that the most common questions I get are about knee pain. I don’t think there are any bowlers who question the strain that bowling can place... [Read More]

Solving the Practice Puzzle

On-lane and off-lane training systems to improve your performance

Solving the Practice Puzzle

Aside from identifying the areas of your game to work on, one of bowling's biggest challenges is knowing what to work on, and when. When it comes to off-lane training, how do you balance your workouts with your tournaments so... [Read More]

Bowling-Specific Strength Training

What is sport-specific training for bowlers?


Early on in my career as a strength and conditioning coach, I spent time in the weight room coaching teams of other sports. It seemed a part of every team’s culture to get into the weight room and put in... [Read More]

Big, Scary Goals

Connecting the dots to achieve your goals


Setting goals is important to give yourself some direction and clarity on what your priorities need to be to achieve what you want in life. The old saying rings true: failing to plan is planning to fail. With the 2023... [Read More]