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About Andy Penny

Andy Penny has coached several national teams and operated a pro shop for over 35 years. He is a USBC Gold coach since 2009, a BowlU Skill Development coach since 2013, and an ETBF Level III coach since 2017.

Applying Bowling’s Golden Rules

How to put it all together

Applying Bowling's Golden Rules

For this final article in the Bowling's Golden Rules series, we will discuss putting all the rules together, how to apply them, and what it takes to stay on track. First, let’s have a quick recap of the fundamentals of... [Read More]

Bowling’s Golden Rules – Part 4

Play what is in front of you


Previously in this series, we discussed bowling ball fit, execution as an art form, and the importance of ball motion. The fourth golden rule is tied closely to the importance of ball motion and is a very simple concept: play... [Read More]

Bowling’s Golden Rules – Part 3

Shot repetition is an art form

Bowling's Golden Rules - Part 3

In the two previous articles, we’ve discussed the importance of having a good fit to your bowling ball and what makes good ball motion, as well as its effect on your potential to score. Now let’s move on to bowling's... [Read More]

Bowling’s Golden Rules – Part 2

Looking for good ball motion

Bowlings Golden Rules - Part 2

In my last article, we discussed the importance of fit as one of the four "golden rules" of bowling. This month, we’ll look at another one of the golden rules: you can’t out-score bad ball motion. No matter how good... [Read More]

Bowling’s Golden Rules – Part 1

The importance of fit

Bowling's Golden Rules - Part 1

Over the course of the next few articles, we will be looking at all aspects of your equipment and your physical game, together with your relationship with your ball driller and your coach—or should I say coaches. In bowling, much... [Read More]