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  • 1. The importance of ball selection
  • 2. The importance of ball fit
  • 3. Check your fit yourself
  • 4. Other signs of a great pro shop
  • 5. Summary

Over the course of the next few articles, we will be looking at all aspects of your equipment and your physical game, together with your relationship with your ball driller and your coach—or should I say coaches.

In bowling, much like sports in general, it is becoming very difficult to find that one person that can help you with every aspect of your performance. As each area of the sport develops and requires specialized knowledge, the idea of a one-stop shop may become obsolete. With that in mind, I will spend some time sharing the things that you need to look for when searching for the right ball driller or coach.

I have been fortunate enough over the years to spend time with many of the greatest minds in the bowling world. One thing that I’ve discovered from listening and sharing with them is that there are many ways to achieve an objective, yet there are several things that every single one of them has mentioned that must stand out as the four “golden rules” of bowling:

  • You can’t out-execute a bad fit.
  • Shot repetition is an art form.
  • You can’t out-score a bad ball motion.
  • Play what is in front of you.

We will explore each of these golden rules, starting with the fit of your bowling ball.

The importance of ball selection

Before the fitting comes the ball selection. How can you tell which ball drillers are most likely to help with proper selection and fitting? The first thing to look for is a ball driller who will watch you bowl. No matter what your level or style, or how recently your last fitting was, it is paramount that you ...

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Andy Penny

About Andy Penny

Andy Penny has coached several national teams and operated a pro shop for over 35 years. He is a USBC Gold coach since 2009, a BowlU Skill Development coach since 2013, and an ETBF Level III coach since 2017.