Bill Sempsrott

About Bill Sempsrott

Bill is the founder of BTM Digital Media, LLC and he manages the day-to-day operations of Bowling This Month. He has a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, he developed the Powerhouse Blueprint ball motion simulator, and he has been an avid bowler for more than 20 years. Bill currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Greater Cincinnati USBC.

Spare Shooting For the Rest of Us

Tips for developing YOUR best spare game

Spare Shooting For the Rest of Us

Let's start with a huge generalization: most of us could probably stand to improve our spare games. We know that spare shooting is important, we know we should consistently practice our spares, and we know that certain spare shooting techniques... [Read More]

An Introduction to Axis Rotation and Axis Tilt

What they are, how to measure them, and how (and why) they affect your ball's motion

An Introduction to Axis Rotation and Axis Tilt

Almost every day, I feel like I see or hear something that is completely incorrect about axis rotation or axis tilt. Sometimes, people just mix up the two terms and say "tilt" when they should have said "rotation." Other times,... [Read More]

Life After Balance Holes

A guide to filling the void

Life After Balance Holes

If you've been paying any attention at all over the last couple of months, you're likely already aware of the recent USBC rule modifications affecting how bowling balls can be drilled. Just to recap, here are the relevant changes1: Balance... [Read More]

A Look at the USBC’s Bowling Technology Study

Some thoughts on differential, balance holes, static imbalance, and coverstock oil absorption rate

A Look at the USBC's Bowling Technology Study

About a month ago, the USBC published the results of a recent research project that examined bowling balls and their impact on the bowling environment. This project, which they are calling the Bowling Technology Study, primarily examined bowling ball RGs,... [Read More]

The Fundamentals of Target Line Adjustments

Getting (and staying) lined up by moving your feet and/or target

The Fundamentals of Target Line Adjustments

There are dozens of possible adjustments that we as bowlers can make to change where and how our bowling balls are entering the pocket. The first adjustment we typically learn—usually very early in our bowling careers—is how to move our... [Read More]

Bowling Ball Balance Hole Fundamentals

The basics, some examples, and recommended best practices

Balance Hole Fundamentals

Let’s start with a quick question: Have you ever heard a fellow bowler say any of the following statements? “I just don’t like balls with balance holes. They don’t roll well for me.” “I’m going to have a weight hole... [Read More]