I would like to challenge you to identify the famous bowler who said the following: “I learn while I practice. The more I practice the more I learn.” (The answer is in this article).

Throughout our lives we have had to practice many things to get where we are today. Do you remember how long it took you learn to tie your shoes? How about the first time you got behind the wheel of a car? I’ll never forget how difficult it was for me to get that first Windsor knot on a neck tie! I had to practice so much to properly tie a Windsor knot, I never forgot how to do it!

What exactly does practice mean to you? According to Webster’s Dictionary one of the definitions for practice is “To perform an activity or skill repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one’s proficiency; prepare for; refine; work at; rehearse.” Another definition comes from the renowned bowling coach Tom Kouros, “Practice is training. It consists of the process of developing expertise in a skill through the constant repetition of a set series of movements.” Do either of these definitions coincide with how you perceive practice?

I would suggest that the practice experience should include all details of the game plus a little more. What do I mean by “all details?” They include the physical game, the mental game, and understanding all the hardware pieces in which you have invested to make this challenging sport so enjoyable.

During the past Christmas holidays many of the leagues in my area took a break, making lanes more available. ...

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Jack Schmid

About Jack Schmid

Jack Schmid is a USBC Silver Coach, a Ritger Level II Coach, an Honor Graduate of the Institute of Professional Bowling Instruction, and has been named a BJI Top 100 Coach eight times.