Don’t Just Watch…Observe – Part 2

The second step (downswing) and third step (backswing)

Don't Just Watch...Observe - Part 2

Every serious bowler wants to improve, but how? Hire a good coach? Of course. Without exception, every bowler needs the help of a trained coach—but that can get expensive. How about reading bowling books and instructional articles? Sure—it goes without... [Read More]

Don’t Just Watch…Observe – Part 1

The setup and first step

Don't Just Watch...Observe!

As a serious bowler, you know you can do a lot of your practicing from the comfort of your living room. The pre-shot routine, the setup, hand positions, the armswing—these are a few aspects of your game you can work... [Read More]

LASER, Revisited – Part 5

R is for release

LASER, Revisited - Part 5: R is for Release

And here we are at last. The day is about over for Barbara the Tournament Bowler, our fictional heroine of the lanes. As detailed earlier in this series, Barbara is bowling in an eight-game tournament, and she’s about to bowl... [Read More]

LASER, Revisited – Part 4

E is for equipment

LASER, Revisited - Part 4

During this series of articles, we’ve been following the trials and travails of Barbara the Tournament Bowler, a fictional righthander who is battling her way through an eight-game tournament by using LASER to make adjustments. LASER, as you know, is... [Read More]

LASER, Revisited – Part 3

S is for speed

LASER, Revisited - Part 3

The LASER acronym has been part of the bowling coaching lexicon for years. It’s a tool—a way to compartmentalize and focus on the five areas of concern—that we can use when we need to make adjustments. Whether you’re aware of... [Read More]

LASER, Revisited – Part 2

A is for angle

LASER Revisited - Part 2: A is for Angle

Spring is here, and winter leagues are winding down. For the many competitors who plan to work on their game during the break, I offer this, the second of five articles that discuss a little tool called LASER. LASER isn’t... [Read More]

LASER, Revisited – Part 1

L is for loft

LASER, Revisited - Part 1

When I went through my USBC Silver Certification class some years ago, I was fortunate to have Rod Ross as my instructor. Rod, now the head coach of Team USA, suggested coaches use LASER as a tool to help solve... [Read More]

Problem or Symptom?

Work backwards to separate cause from effect

Problem or Symptom?

In bowling, it can be easy to forget that what seems to be a problem is usually a symptom of an underlying issue. For example, when someone (see below) says, “Geez, I keep pulling the ball,” the real problem most... [Read More]

Your New Year’s Resolutions

Sensible strategies for better bowling in the new year

Your New Year's Resolutions

We love the holidays, but let’s face it: they can be stressful, what with all the planning and spending and overeating and visits to and from relatives. Thankfully, the holidays have come and gone, and the time for gift-giving, stale... [Read More]