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  • 1. Getting ready for the big comeback
  • 2. Simple things to prepare your body for bowling
  • 3. Dumbbells and water bottles
  • 4. Your equipment
  • 5. Conclusion

Before the COVID-19 virus eventually fades completely and bowling centers open back up everywhere, bowlers who love the sport need to start preparing to get back on the lanes (if you haven’t already). I would like to suggest some things that you should do before you grab your equipment and head to the lanes for the first time. That way, when centers to go back to “business as usual,” you will be ready to go.

First, a public service announcement for all the bowling centers in the world: go bowling! Bowling is a seasonal sport in most places, and the industry lost a good chunk of its winter season revenue. When restaurants resume full operations, people will go back to their past eating habits and restaurants will have a chance to recover. If bowlers return to their normal habits, meaning not supporting their local bowling center in the summer, then many centers may not be there in the fall. We need to get out and support the bowling centers and pro shops, even if we don’t normally bowl in the summer. Remember, if the bowling center closes for good, we have nowhere to play.

Getting ready for the big comeback

If you haven’t already, you need to start exercising—at least a little. You never realize how physical the sport of bowling is until you take a break from it for a couple of months. Anyone who has had to sit out due to an injury or other reasons knows this firsthand. If nothing else, go for a walk every day and go up and down some stairs as much as you can (more on that later). If you are a senior, then getting some exercise is paramount. If you squawk when someone mentions the word “workout,” don’t run away just yet.  You don’t have to be a gym rat to benefit from even moderate exercise when it comes to ...

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Ron Clifton

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Ron Clifton has been coaching at the professional level for 25 years. He conducts “Advanced Bowler Training Clinics” across the U.S. and is the inventor and manufacturer of Ron C’s Magic Carpet for thumbholes. Ron can be found on the web at