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  • 1. Taking inventory
  • 2. The most maligned person in bowling
  • 3. Compensation
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Before I retired from my job as a middle school teacher, I had a colleague who had a very interesting concept. He believed that each year seemed to go by more quickly than the last for the simple reason that each progressive year represents a smaller percentage of our entire lives. I firmly believe this, as my years seem to go by faster and faster as I get older and older.

This year, shortly after starting summer leagues, I suddenly found myself preparing, once again, for the upcoming league bowling season. Unfortunately, this upcoming season has taken on a new importance to me as, because of the ongoing deterioration of my senior body, it could very well turn out to be my last. So, disregarding this totally depressing thought, I have been working hard to improve my deteriorating game, taking lessons from new and sometimes unproven coaches and practicing until even walking becomes an extreme exercise in mental fortitude.

Several weekends ago, the last weekend of July, I was bowling with some friends while, outside, the weather was hot and extremely humid. When we started at eight in the morning, the approaches were so tacky that sliding was virtually impossible. We brushed our shoe bottoms. Nothing. We put on slide socks. Nothing. Finally, we slowed our ball speeds and just tried not to fall down. Long story short, of the four of us who had set out to bowl six games each, two quit after four games, leaving me and my compatriot to bowl another four games each.

Somehow, we got through it and, getting home and unpacking my equipment, I decided that taking an inventory of by bowling bag for the upcoming year was in order.

Taking inventory

I started with my bowling shoes, which I believe are the most important piece of equipment in every bowler’s bag, and are usually the most neglected. Mine were no different. Despite knowing the importance of keeping my bowling shoes well maintained, mine were a mess. There was gunk all over the heel of the non-sliding shoe. The interchangeable ...

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Rob Mautner

About Rob Mautner

Rob Mautner is a USBC Silver Level Certified Coach. Rob can be found on the lanes coaching and bowling in Las Vegas, Nevada.