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  • 1. Getting hurt
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There is a lot that happens in the world of bowling that is really really hard. Most of it does not get discussed. Maybe you think that it doesn’t count. Maybe you are old school and don’t want to complain. Maybe you just don’t know what to do.

Really challenging stuff happens sometimes. I never met anyone older than about 18 years who hasn’t figured that one out. The thing is, the hard stuff can take so many forms. The obvious ones are injuries that take you out of the game for a little while or maybe for a long while. There are things like choking on an opportunity and having to live with the results, losing cherished friends and teammates in any number of ways, and, of course, aging.

“Toughness is shown in how you respond to adversity. Can you respond without losing your footing and your direction? If so, that shows me that you’re tough.”
-Tony Dungy

This month we are going to look at what happens when you get hit with one of life’s ice-balls. There is a remarkably predictable set of responses that athletes have when the adversity hits. So if you have ever been “beaned” read on. There is always a way through the woods. The only problem is that sometimes it really is through the woods, so to speak.

Getting hurt

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bowling is unique in the sporting world. Players have an asymmetrical approach to delivering the heaviest object in conventional sports. Even if you are a fitness buff, with great core strength and a balanced body, with enough repetitions, anyone can break down.

The types of injuries that show up can range from toes, to fingers, to hips, to lower backs. If that happens to you, it is never fun. When it is a smaller thing like stress on the thumb or toe, it is hard to really know how to react. It is amazing how such a little thing can ...

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Dean Hinitz

About Dean Hinitz

Dr. Dean Hinitz is a clinical sports psychologist in Reno, Nevada, a bowler, a former competitive gymnast, and a black belt in Japanese-style Karate.