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  • 1. Preparation
    • 1.1. Physical preparation
    • 1.2. Mental preparation
    • 1.3. Game day preparation
  • 2. Conclusion

If you are heading to Junior Gold this summer, or if you are a serious collegiate or tournament bowler, or if you are all of the above, then this article is for you. One of the first things you need to learn to become a successful competitor is this: victories are usually not won on game day; game day is only when they are acknowledged.

The great winners in all sports are the ones who out-work, out-think, and out-prepare their opponents before game day. The real work comes in the preparation, and that’s what we want to take a look at in this article.


What does it mean? How important is it? How do we achieve it?

Preparation is what we do in advance of an actual event to increase our chances of success in that event. Preparation is both physical and mental. It comes from experience and acquired knowledge we have of both ourselves and of our environment. How well we prepare ourselves will ultimately go a long way toward determining our level of success in any event.

The better prepared you are coming into an event, the higher your likelihood of success in that event. When you are reacting to variables on the fly, there is always going to be a feeling of rush and panic, at some level, at least temporarily. These circumstances will arise over the course of tournament, season, etc., but our goal is to be as prepared as possible for them, ...

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John York

About John York

John York is a USBC Silver-certified coach and five-time BJI Top 100 coach. He is currently the head coach of the Wilmington University NCAA bowling program.