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  • 1. What are your thoughts on how parents can best support their youth bowlers in terms...
    • 1.1. Heather D’Errico
    • 1.2. Joe Hoenig
    • 1.3. Josh Blanchard
    • 1.4. Juha Maja
  • 2. How can a parent best support their youth bowler during competition?
    • 2.1. Heather D’Errico
    • 2.2. Joe Hoenig
    • 2.3. Juha Maja
    • 2.4. Tyrel Rose
  • 3. Once competition is over, what can parents do, if anything, to help ensure their...
    • 3.1. Heather D’Errico
    • 3.2. Joe Hoenig
    • 3.3. Josh Blanchard
    • 3.4. Juha Maja
    • 3.5. Tyrel Rose

Welcome again to Bowling This Month’s Youth Bowling Round Table. In this recurring feature, we take aim at questions related to youth bowling. We talk about youth bowlers, skill development, getting ready for tournaments, and other topics of interest to young players, their parents, and coaches. We feature trusted Bowling This Month contributors from various backgrounds to lend their expertise and opinions on questions each month. If there is a question you’d like to ask our panelists, please feel free to comment below and we will try to address it in an upcoming segment.

This month’s topics focus on what parents can do to support young bowlers in training, during competition, and after competition in order to help them get the most from each experience. Special thanks to this month’s panelists, Juha MajaHeather D’ErricoJoe Hoenig, Josh Blanchard, and Tyrel Rose. Let’s jump in.

What are your thoughts on how parents can best support their youth bowlers in terms of practice and training?

Heather D’Errico

I would say it’s important for parents to encourage and allow for playing of other sports in addition to bowling. There is more research that has been done now that shows the importance of playing multiple sports for long-term athletic development in youth. If I were to go back in time, I would have wanted my parents to encourage me to engage in other sports, as it helps kids to develop transferable strength, skills, and hand-eye coordination. I would also say support them by encouraging exercise and drills off the lanes, rather than practicing every single day.

Joe Hoenig

Parents of youth bowlers play crucial roles of logistical support (transportation, equipment, etc.) and encouragement of self-practice. Without parental encouragement and support, youth bowlers won’t be able to travel to their sessions, won’t have the tools they need to compete, and won’t be motivated to practice what their coaches teach them in between competitions.

Josh Blanchard

The best way a parent can support their kids during practice and training is to make sure they have goals in mind before they show up. We have discussed ...

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