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Lane Masters The Buzz Legend

Lane Masters The Buzz Legend

The Lane Masters Buzz Legend has a higher RG than any of the other previous Buzz releases while the differential stays the same. The Buzz Legend uses a stronger pearlized cover that comes out of the box at a polished finish on top of 2000 Abralon. The polished finish provides easy length with a strong back end reaction. We found The Buzz Legend to be most useful on our medium... [Read More]

Ebonite Honor

Ebonite Honor

The Ebonite Honor takes the CB-2 Asymmetric core design from the Pivot and the Pivot Point and pairs it with a new hybrid coverstock formulation. This ball comes polished, unlike the last hybrid coverstock on this core, the Pivot. The Honor was best for us on our medium test pattern. This new coverstock provided a massive move when it got the back end. As much angle as our testers saw,... [Read More]

AMF Decimate

AMF Decimate

The new AMF Decimate has borrowed some technology from its sister company, 900 Global. This ball uses the Combustion Symmetric core that was found in the Freight Train and the popular “Soaker” F75 coverstock from a few different balls in the past couple of years. The result of this pairing is the birth a ball that provides big flare potential and plenty of movement on heavy oil conditions. We had... [Read More]

AMF Torch

AMF Torch

The Torch is the newest mid price release for AMF. This ball uses a pearl version of the F69 coverstock. This is a slightly less aggressive coverstock than the F75 used on the Decimate. On the inside is the medium differential Torch Asymmetric core. The Torch's polished box finish provides a long and strong reaction that gave us the best look on our medium test pattern. Cranker liked this ball... [Read More]

Ebonite Game Breaker 2

Ebonite Game Breaker 2

We try to not get excited when we get a ball in the same line or with a similar name or construction to a ball we liked previously. This is important so that we can stay neutral and non-biased in watching the reaction of the ball. That said, we are not going to lie: we got a little excited about the Ebonite Game Breaker 2. This ball is an updated... [Read More]

Motiv Tribal Fire

Motiv Tribal Fire

Motiv’s latest release, the Tribal Fire, falls into their upper mid performance price point. The Tribal Fire matches up the Halogen weight block that was used in the first Tribal with a hybrid formulation of the Fusion Reactive coverstock. With the 5000 grit Laser Scan Polished box finish, we had the best reaction on our medium test pattern. Tweener and Stroker were able to play close to the second arrow... [Read More]

Columbia 300 Throw Down

Columbia 300 Throw Down

The Columbia 300 Throw Down is the first ball in this lineup that has a solid veneer and it is also the first to have a polished cover. It uses the same medium RG symmetrical core as the line's two previous releases, the Take Down and Smack Down. The Throw Down gave us the best reaction on the medium test pattern. Stroker and Tweener had a good line to the... [Read More]

The BTM Archive – Featured Content


How Far Should You Slide?

For many readers, you will clearly recall PBA and USBC Hall of Famer Marshall Holman starting with his heels off the back of the approach running to the foul line and utilizing a very lengthy slide before releasing the ball. See an example of Marshall Holman's lengthy slide in this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHGnYQPqcJs. I hope... [Read More]

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The Cure for Early Turn and Over-Turn – Part 2

In Part One (July Issue), I shared with you what I think are some unique ways to break the habit of turning the ball early. (To revisit my video on early turn, click here). Most, but not all, bowlers who suffer early turn also tend to over-turn the ball. Remember that the turn we are... [Read More]

photo a

The Cure for Early Turn and Over-Turn – Part 1

Turning the ball early and over-turning the ball are two of the most common performance failures by aspiring bowlers. As I travel the country giving bowling lessons, I have come to realize that at least half the bowlers afflicted with early turn are already aware of it. Most of you early/over-turners know who you are.... [Read More]

blind squirrel

Tackling Your Weaknesses – Part 2

Last month, I dealt with improving the mental game to help Active Volcanoes. This month, it’s time to deal with the Blind Squirrels. Blind Squirrels are bowlers whose physical and mental games are reasonably sound, while their tactical approach to the game is somewhat lacking. While several books have been written about the mental side... [Read More]

how to read a program sheet part 2

How to Read a Program Sheet – Part 2

I promised that this month we would talk about how to translate all this data into a place to play on the lane, so here goes. What part of this do you really need to know and how will it help you? Here again is the 2012 Baton Rouge program sheet we’re using. (see below)... [Read More]

altering your physical game fast

Altering Your Physical Game FAST

One of the biggest challenges a coach or player faces is making a physical game change. Over time, all repetitions have led to a more automated execution, whether these movements are biomechanically efficient or not. Specifically, physical movements become increasingly automated to preserve brainpower efficiency and to increase the speed at which an individual executes... [Read More]

Release checklist

Shoulds and Should Nots – Part 3

Although a great release is the envy of every bowler not blessed with this talent, it becomes ineffective, actually worthless, if it is not executed at the proper point. What is the proper point and why is it important? An ideal release point allows a bowler to launch the ball into the lane from his... [Read More]

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Bowling This Month is Officially Back!

I am very happy to announce today that Bowling This Month is officially back in business! After many months of hard work, we've just finished updating our website with everything necessary to launch our online subscription service. I really appreciate everyone's patience as we've worked through this transition. Now that we're back online, the majority of our focus can finally shift back where it belongs: delivering the best technical bowling content available to our loyal subscribers. While we will always keep a portion of our content open for everyone to view, the majority of our articles … [Read More]


Welcome to the New BowlingThisMonth.com

Thanks for visiting Bowling This Month's new website.  We're still very hard at work building the site and we aren't quite ready to start our subscription service, but we thought now would be a good time to invite the bowling world inside to take a look around. We still need a couple weeks to finish building the rest of the content and functionality, but we didn't want to wait any longer to start sharing information about the future plans for BTM.  We've added some archived content from recent issues of the print magazine and we're offering unrestricted viewing access to everyone for a … [Read More]