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Roto Grip Loco Pearl

Roto Grip's HP1 line has been revamped for this season with the addition of the two new Locos, the Loco Pearl and the Loco Solid. They replace the Scream and the Shout from the last few seasons. The Late Roll... [Read More]

Roto Grip Devour

Roto Grip Devour

The Roto Grip Devour joins the Outcry and the Uproar in the HP2 lineup. This ball utilizes a new core called Late Roll 56 that is a modified version of the Neutron core from the Wrecker. The RG of the... [Read More]

Roto Grip Haywire

Roto Grip Haywire

The Haywire is Roto Grip's HP3 release for the new season. This ball features the same Middle Roll 70 core shape that was used in the wildly successful Disturbed. This proven weight block is paired with the 80H Microbite coverstock.... [Read More]


Roto Grip Menace

The Roto Grip Menace is a new release in Roto Grip's high performance HP4 line. It pairs the 74H solid reactive coverstock with the asymmetrical Cage core that was found in the Sinister. The Menace comes out of the box... [Read More]

Motiv Forza Redline

Motiv Forza Redline

The latest Motiv release is the second ball in the Forza line, the Forza Redline. The Redline will be easy to spot on the rack, on the shelf, and going down the lane. This very bright yellow ball uses the... [Read More]

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Getting Your Young Student or child Ready for Fall League

Getting Your Young Student or Child Ready for Fall League

It’s mid-July as I write this and I have begun preparing as a coach, a youth director, and parent for the upcoming youth season. I would like this to remind parents and coaches of issues to be aware of as... [Read More]

Gutters, Twigs, Bank Shots, and Sucker Bets - Part 1

Gutters, Twigs, Bank Shots, and Sucker Bets – Part 1

Your mom may have tried hard to keep you away from people like me, people that try to lure you to the gutters of America. Hey, what does she know. Come on and follow me to the dark side. I... [Read More]

Speaking the Same Language

Speaking the Same Language

I’d like to thank all of you who send me emails. It is through them that I have a better understanding of what type of information interests the readers of BTM. The emails have also taught me there are many... [Read More]

Four-Tenths of a Second That Can Change Your Life - Part 2

Four-Tenths of a Second That Can Change Your Life – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I suggested that there be a change to the basic four step timing routine. I suggested that most bowlers would be better off waiting until the first step is completed before putting the ball... [Read More]