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Motiv Graffiti Tag

Motiv adds the Graffiti Tag to their lineup, giving bowlers a new option for medium to lighter oil patterns. The Tag uses the same Halogen weight block that was in the Tribal and Tribal Fire, but this time uses a new solid coverstock. The MXR reactive cover comes polished out of the box. The Graffiti Tag gave us our best reaction on the medium test pattern. The Tag clears the... [Read More]

Storm Ride Bowling Ball Review

Storm Ride

The Storm Ride is the ball many Storm fans have been wanting to see for quite some time. We have seen a gap between the Tropical Breezes and the Lights Out/Punch Out options in recent years. The Pitch Black is an option, of course, but the Ride gives bowlers a new option for filling this gap that provides the ball motion shape of a reactive ball, instead of the early... [Read More]


Motiv Venom Panic

The Motiv Venom Panic is the newest addition to the Venom line. This ball uses a new coverstock that is cleaner through the front of the lane than the Venom Shock on medium volume patterns. Like the Shock, it uses Motiv's symmetrical Gear core design. We had the best reaction with the Panic on our medium test pattern. Our testers were easily able to get to the pocket playing near... [Read More]


Brunswick Vintage Gold Rhino Pro

The second ball from Brunswick in their Vintage releases line is the Gold Rhino Pro. With the exception of its name and its appearance, this ball is completely different from the very popular original, as it has been updated to match up better to today's conditions. On the inside, its High Differential Vintage Symmetrical core is similar in shape to the one used in the Vintage LT-48, but this version... [Read More]


Radical Grease Monkey Whack

Radical's new Grease Monkey Whack is the third entry into the Monkey family. This is the second time a reactive hybrid coverstock will encase the Grease Monkey core design that has remained unaltered in this version. This cover is stronger both in the oil and at the back end than the first Grease Monkey. We liked the Whack on our medium test pattern. All three of our testers were able... [Read More]

Brunswick Mastermind Scholar

Brunswick Mastermind Scholar

The Brunswick Mastermind Scholar is the fourth release in the Mastermind lineup. It is the first Mastermind that comes out of the box polished. The Scholar pairs the same core from the other releases with a new reactive pearl coverstock named Honor Roll A+ Pearl Reactive. This ball easily glides down the lane farther than any of the previous Masterminds and it retains the most amount of energy for the... [Read More]

Radical Guru Mighty

Radical Guru Mighty

The Radical Guru Mighty is the follow-up release to last year's popular Guru.  It uses the same asymmetrical weight block that was found in the original. The Mighty Guru differs from the original in that it has a hybrid coverstock and a smoother 4000 SiaAir box finish, whereas the Guru had a solid cover and a 1500 SiaAir box finish. The Mighty Guru offers more length and back end reaction... [Read More]


Hammer Bad Intentions

The Hammer Bad Intentions is the second release in the “Bad” high performance line from Hammer. This ball uses the same core design that was used in the Bad Ass and wraps it with the new Juiced Xtreme solid reactive coverstock. This cover comes from the factory prepped with a final finishing step of 2000 Abralon, making it a valuable tool on heavy oil lane conditions. The Bad Intentions was... [Read More]


Storm Rocket

The Storm Rocket is the first 2015 addition to Storm's popular Thunder line. This ball pairs the highly successful R2S Hybrid coverstock with Storm's new Booster core shape. This is the first new core shape to enter this price point in a few years. The Rocket comes out of the box at the standard 1500 grit polished finish and it will give most bowlers lots of success on medium volume... [Read More]


AMF Pure

The new AMF Pure is the latest hook monster for bowlers with lower rev rates, higher speeds, or who just flat-out want to see a ball hook. The Pure uses the same super aggressive F90 Solid coverstock that we saw previously on the Incinerate and pairs it with the same core shape that was in the Decimate. The core has been modified a small amount, giving this version of the... [Read More]

The BTM Archive – Featured Content

Lights, Camera, Action – Part 2

Lights, Camera, Action - Part 2

As promised, here are my recommendations for filming from the front view, what type of hardware you might need, and the software choices available for you. Front view For this view, your righthanded player will need to be on the left lane. Go down the channel cap as far as the arrows. You’ll be taking... [Read More]

How to Transfer Energy Cleanly

How to Transfer Energy Cleanly

The physical game is best understood in terms of energy transfer. You transfer energy from the body to the bowling ball. As you move through the approach, you build potential energy that is transferred to kinetic energy at the release. How effectively you transfer this potential energy is a direct result of three major items:... [Read More]

The Bowling Diet – Part 1

The Bowling Diet - Part 1

If I asked most bowlers who their favorite athlete is, they probably would not name another bowler. Such is the stigma of our sport, that we even view ourselves as non-athletes. Bowling is a precision sport, so while it doesn’t require the same athletic abilities as football, basketball, or tennis, it does require fitness to... [Read More]

See It, Hear It, or Do It?

See it, hear it, or do it?

As a middle school teacher, it is imperative I am aware of the learning styles of my students. I must also be aware of my own learning style and its role in influencing the way I teach. Bowling coaches and bowlers who are interested in improving will also benefit greatly by becoming aware of the... [Read More]

Tough Enough

Tough Enough

“When you’re playing against a stacked deck, compete even harder. Show the world how much you’ll fight for the winner’s circle. If you do, some day the cellophane will crackle off a fresh pack, one that belongs to you, and the cards will be stacked in your favor.” -Pat Riley If you are going to... [Read More]

Slump Busting

Slump Busting

“When you're in a slump, you're not in for much fun. Un-slumping yourself is not easily done.” —Dr. Seuss Virtually every player who has taken on the rigors of competition bowling has had dark periods where their game goes stale. Perhaps you feel stuck in terms of personal improvement. Maybe you just can’t seem to... [Read More]

Where is Your Next Level?

Where is Your Next Level?

I’m often approached by bowlers who tell me they want to get to the next level. What is the next level, anyway? It can be many things to many bowlers, but since BTM focuses on higher average bowlers, I’m going to direct this article to bowlers who average at least 180. While the advice will... [Read More]

Words Can Be Dangerous

Words Can Be Dangerous

My philosophy about coaching youth (in bowling or any other sport), as I have written previously, focuses on a two-fold agenda: Using the sport to teach lessons about life. Giving the youth bowler the tools to become the best bowler they can be as they mature as an athlete and a person. This is a... [Read More]