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Blend10 NST

Blend10 NST

The NST (New School Technology) is the ball from Blend10 that offers a bigger hooking motion and a stronger change of direction compared to the OSW. This ball uses a more dynamic weight block that provides a much higher flare potential. This added punch was very noticeable on our medium test pattern. The NST cleared the front much easier and made a much more defined turn at the back end.... [Read More]

Blend10 OSW

Blend10 OSW

The OSW (Old School Works) is one of two releases from Bill Hall’s new bowling ball company, Blend10.  This ball uses a traditional shaped symmetric core surrounded by a solid coverstock. The OSW comes out of the box polished with a 1500 Abralon base beneath the polish.  This combination creates an arc shaped smooth ball motion through the entire lane. The smooth motion of the OSW was best for all... [Read More]

Track Mx16

Track Mx16

The Mx16 is the second Mx ball released by Track and it falls into the high performance category. This ball takes the I-Core from the Lx16 and pairs it with the new MR-8 hybrid coverstock which is factory finished with 500 Abralon followed by 3000 Abralon. This ball was best for us on our heavy test pattern. The Mx16’s rough box finish wanted to create traction as soon as it... [Read More]

Track Hx10

Track Hx10

The Hx10 is the second ball from Track designed for high revolution players under the new naming system. This is also the second time a hybrid coverstock has surrounded the Face core since the ball name changes a few months ago. With this release, Track went with the slightly less aggressive DR-6 hybrid coverstock compared to the MR-6 shell that was used on the Mx10. This change in coverstock allowed... [Read More]

Track Lx05

Track Lx05

The Track Lx05 is the second release since the change to the new naming system that uses the Modified Kinetic core. This weight block is wrapped by the QR-4 Hybrid coverstock that is finished at a rough 2000 Abralon grit. This combination creates the earliest hooking motion of any Track ball in recent history. This ball has no problem getting started in the oil and it was best for us... [Read More]

Hammer Black Widow Legend

Hammer Black Widow Legend

The newest ball to carry the Black Widow name is the Hammer Black Widow Legend. This ball features the colors made famous by the original Black Widow. The successful Gas Mask core remains the same, but the coverstock is the NBT Hybrid cover used on the First Blood. This cover uses a lower 1000 grit Abralon finish underneath the Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish. The Black Widow Legend flirted with a... [Read More]

900 Global Dream

900 Global Dream

The 900 Global Dream is all new, front to back, top to bottom, inside and out. In addition to sporting the new 900 Global logo, the Dream is the first 900 Global ball to feature a color scheme with three different colors. They did not stop with just the visual changes with the Dream, as this ball uses both a brand new core design and coverstock. The Dream features a... [Read More]

The BTM Archive – Featured Content

little changes that can make big differences

Little Changes That Can Make a Big Difference – Part 2

Sometimes when bowlers are in a slump or they just need something to get them to the next level, it only takes a small adjustment or change to make a big difference. In this article, I am continuing from the February 2013 BTM a list of things I know have made noticeable differences in people’s... [Read More]

ball weight, ball speed, pin carry, and wrist braces

Ball Weight, Ball Speed, Pin Carry, and Wrist Braces

We have two interesting topics to discuss that many of us have dealt with at some point in our bowling lives. Through years of working with our CATS system here in Reno, I’ve seen how low ball speed can adversely affect pin carry and scoring potential. Our first question deals with lowering ball weight as... [Read More]


How Far Should You Slide?

For many readers, you will clearly recall PBA and USBC Hall of Famer Marshall Holman starting with his heels off the back of the approach running to the foul line and utilizing a very lengthy slide before releasing the ball. See an example of Marshall Holman's lengthy slide in this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHGnYQPqcJs. I hope... [Read More]


The Evil Drift

Drift is a very important and often misused word in bowling. We talk about it being too much or too little - we shouldn’t do it – no, it’s really okay if you only do it two boards – no, that’s not right - it doesn’t matter how much you drift only that you do... [Read More]

blind squirrel

Tackling Your Weaknesses – Part 2

Last month, I dealt with improving the mental game to help Active Volcanoes. This month, it’s time to deal with the Blind Squirrels. Blind Squirrels are bowlers whose physical and mental games are reasonably sound, while their tactical approach to the game is somewhat lacking. While several books have been written about the mental side... [Read More]

magic coaching

Magic Coaching

This is an article about getting better. Whether you are coaching or being coached, you are reading this magazine so this probably fits well within your personal agenda. Improving one’s bowling is a tricky process. Effectively helping someone else to do this is beyond tricky…it’s amazing. There is a technology to the coaching side of... [Read More]

how to read a program sheet part 2

How to Read a Program Sheet – Part 2

I promised that this month we would talk about how to translate all this data into a place to play on the lane, so here goes. What part of this do you really need to know and how will it help you? Here again is the 2012 Baton Rouge program sheet we’re using. (see below)... [Read More]

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Subscriber-Only Content Example

Bowling This Month is Officially Back!

I am very happy to announce today that Bowling This Month is officially back in business! After many months of hard work, we've just finished updating our website with everything necessary to launch our online subscription service. I really appreciate everyone's patience as we've worked through this transition. Now that we're back online, the majority of our focus can finally shift back where it belongs: delivering the best technical bowling content available to our loyal subscribers. While we will always keep a portion of our content open for everyone to view, the majority of our articles … [Read More]


Welcome to the New BowlingThisMonth.com

Thanks for visiting Bowling This Month's new website.  We're still very hard at work building the site and we aren't quite ready to start our subscription service, but we thought now would be a good time to invite the bowling world inside to take a look around. We still need a couple weeks to finish building the rest of the content and functionality, but we didn't want to wait any longer to start sharing information about the future plans for BTM.  We've added some archived content from recent issues of the print magazine and we're offering unrestricted viewing access to everyone for a … [Read More]