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About Chris Mesagno

Dr. Chris Mesagno is a senior lecturer in Exercise and Sport Psychology at Federation University Australia and received his Ph.D. from Victoria University (Australia), specializing in Sport Psychology and Motor Learning. Dr. Chris is a competitive bowler of 30 years, he was a member and assistant coach of the University of Florida bowling team from 1998-2001, and he is both a Tenpin Bowling Australia Level 1 Certified Coach and a USBC Bronze Level Coach.

Exploring the Effect of New Equipment on Bowler Confidence

Plus training tips on how to build lasting self-confidence and belief

Exploring the Effect of New Equipment on Bowler Confidence

It always amazes me how some bowlers rely completely on new equipment to better their bowling games. From youth players, seniors, national champs, and bowlers I work with personally, I see social media posts every week about the new balls... [Read More]

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

Personal reflections from a recent Sport bowling tournament

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

Because of my work commitments and living arrangements, it has been roughly 10 years since I have bowled in any tournaments. Although I have continued my coaching and sport psychology consulting with bowlers during that time, I have only recently... [Read More]

Choking Under Pressure – Part 2

How to avoid it

Choking Under Pressure - Part 2

In my previous BTM article, I introduced situation-based commonalities I have experienced when working with athletes who are susceptible to choking under pressure. I also covered common personality characteristics identified in the research literature that are associated with choking. In... [Read More]

Choking Under Pressure – Part 1

Applied indicators and psychological characteristics that may predict choking

Choking Under Pressure - Part 1

As a sport psychology consultant, one of the most common requests I receive is how to perform well when it counts the most. Many athletes tell me that they get nervous when under pressure and that they performance poorly (or... [Read More]

Is Social Media Use Affecting Your Bowling?

Interesting findings from a Facebook study

Is Social Media Use Affecting Your Bowling?

In my last article, I made the case for developing a stronger athlete, rather than bowler, image. I mentioned, “...much of my bowling research indicates bowlers have a lower athletic identity than other athletic sports.” I would like to share... [Read More]

Effective Decision Making

Using a psychological post-shot routine for proper adjustments

Sport psychology researchers speculate that, at the elite level, psychological skills are important to athletic success. When athletic ability, training, and shot execution remain constant among athletes, psychological skills play a major factor in determining outcome. Bowling is no exception.... [Read More]

Random and Blocked Practice Strategies

Studies point to which works best for competition

Random and Blocked Practice Strategies

In previous articles, I have discussed my knowledge of bowling from a bowler and sport psychology expert perspective. In upcoming articles, I will change gears and focus on motor learning concepts that may help athletes and coaches learn more from... [Read More]

Athlete or Bowler?

Developing a stronger athletic identity for bowling success

Athlete or Bowler?

As I am writing this article, the 2014 Men’s Bowling World Championship is being finalized in Abu Dhabi. More than 300 elite international bowlers from 49 countries participated. At the beginning of this tournament, Kevin Dornberger, the President of World... [Read More]