Training Two-Handed Players

Recommendations and drills for all phases of the physical game

training two-handed players

As I travel the world training players, I see a steady increase of two-handed players, a direct reflection of the success of Osku Palermaa and Jason Belmonte. In fact, as I write this, Brian Valenta, another two-hander, won a PBA... [Read More]

The VAR-E System

Changing axis rotation to change ball motion

The Var-E System

Over the last 20 years, the bowling community has continued to become an equipment obsessed and bowling ball consumption oriented culture. Every day on social media you see bowlers zealously sharing their enthusiasm for new bowling balls. As a coach... [Read More]

TOPS 3: Tiered Oval Process – Version 3

Tiered Oval Process - Version 3

From my perspective, coaches must constantly strive to improve their skill and knowledge.  If this evolutionary effort ceases, a coach will begin the progressively backward slide into mediocrity that I see too often.  I take the obligation and responsibility of... [Read More]

Reaching a Higher Level

Can biofeedback be the key?

Reaching a Higher Level

To continue our understanding of how sport science can help bowlers reach a higher performance level, I share insight into biofeedback as a training tool. For peak performance, a bowler must be able to control physical response to a stressful... [Read More]

Tiered Taping

An aid to reducing grip pressure

Tiered Taping

Historically, the anatomical nature of the human thumb has presented an enigma for pro shop operators, coaches, and players. With orthodox drilling methods, it is difficult to obtain a fit which prevents the bending of the thumb at the bottom... [Read More]