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  • 1. Physical Freddy
  • 2. Ball Down Billy
  • 3. Try ‘Em All Teddy
  • 4. Overpower Ollie
  • 5. Setting up a league arsenal

Ask most any bowler who has bowled for more than thirty years about the one thing he hates about modern bowling and he will most likely talk about the need for multiple bowling balls. Many of us lament the passing of the days when we showed up for league carrying a single ball bag containing the same ball we had been throwing for the past umpteen years and a pair of generic bowling shoes.

Needing to use more than one ball to adjust to modern lane conditions often presents a challenge to maintain a good balance between ball changes and physical adjustments. Let’s take a look at some of the more typical types of league bowlers to see if we can’t get a handle on this potentially perplexing problem.

Physical Freddy

Freddy is a bowler who grew up bowling in the ’70s and ’80s where he learned to use subtle changes in hand position, ball speed, and loft to modify his ball roll. In a few extreme cases, Freddy will actually carry two bowling balls just in case his physical changes don’t work. Physical Freddy is often confused with ...

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Rob Mautner

About Rob Mautner

Rob Mautner is a USBC Silver Level Certified Coach. Rob can be found on the lanes coaching and bowling in Las Vegas, Nevada.