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  • 1. Dynamic warm up
  • 2. Follow through out, not up
  • 3. Forward tilt
  • 4. Hinge swing and speed
  • 5. Adjustments
  • 6. Two choices

Bowling can be a challenge for seniors, particularly those of us who remember what it was like prior to the “modern” game of steroidal bowling balls, synthetic lanes, and walled up house shots. Between all of the changes that the sport has gone through and all of the changes our bodies have gone through, going to bowl league can be a real challenge. While some senior bowlers have really used the modern changes to raise their averages to never-before-seen heights, others continue to struggle. If you are one of those who are struggling, read on.

Dynamic warm up

First, we need to address the changes that have occurred in our bodies. After we hit the age of 50, our bodies begin to whisper in our ears, reminding us of every injury we have ever endured. After 60, the whisper becomes a shout. In my own case, I have torn the ligaments in both my ankles twice while playing basketball, torn the rotator cuff in my right shoulder pitching in Babe Ruth league, broken my right index finger playing softball, broken my right little finger catching a football, torn the meniscus in my left knee working with a personal trainer, had a bone tumor removed from my left elbow, and developed two bulging disks in my spine from 45 years of twisting while hitting golf balls. I can tell you honestly that I am reminded of each and every one of these injuries each time I shoe up to bowl. I’m sure I’m not alone!

It is very, very important for every bowler and especially seniors, to dynamically warm up before starting to bowl. Please note that I said warm-up and not stretch. Stretching should be reserved for use as an after bowling routine. Warm-up for bowling should include some form ...

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Rob Mautner

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Rob Mautner is a USBC Silver Level Certified Coach. Rob can be found on the lanes coaching and bowling in Las Vegas, Nevada.