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Here are some more “No Matter Whats” (otherwise known as universal bowling applications) you’ll find it fun to own.

The reckless abandon NMW

Reckless abandon is a mental attitude that translates into a wonderful physical feeling. It frees the spirit and the body from fear – one of our most dangerous enemies. It allows the body to bowl and the mind to plan. Since we can’t think the pins down, the freedom associated with abandon allows the body to do it. It’s very much like the “dance like no one’s watching” axiom.

Throwing a ball with reckless abandon is a free-wheelin’, almost lackadaisically joyful, roll. Some people might confuse how you look when you play with reckless abandon with throwing it like you don’t care. It’s not that you don’t care. You care very much. In fact, you care so much you’re willing not to care what people think.

In order to really be successful, you have to work hard not to work hard. Hope is not a good thing. I know that may sound blasphemous but it’s really not. If you hope you get this strike, make this spare, win the game, whatever, you’re implying the power is either in someone else or outside of you. It’s neither.

You make the shot or you don’t. It is up to you. Whether or not the pins fall has nothing to do with you. They certainly won’t fall, though, if you are tied up in the outcome or worse, are going to make a judgment of something (or anything, for that matter) based on the outcome. Make your mind up about what you are going to do and then, with no reservations and instead with reckless abandon, go do it.

It’s not like there is a great punishment if it doesn’t work. You’ll be okay. Okayness also gets its own NMW. I’ll talk about it next month in the next group of No ...

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