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Radical Yeti Uncaged

Radical Yeti Uncaged

The Radical Yeti Uncaged marks the second time a pearl coverstock has been used with this weight block. The core is the same symmetrical "finger scoop" core that was used in all the Yeti releases so far. The difference in the pearl cover used on the original Yeti and the one used on this new release is quite noticeable, however.  In fact, this new coverstock makes the Uncaged a whole... [Read More]

Lane Masters Power Strike

Lane Masters Power Strike

The Power Strike is the third “Strike” ball we have thrown from Lane Masters. This newest release shares the same three piece core design as the previous Strike balls, which is different from many of Lane Masters' other two piece products. This core is enclosed by a solid coverstock called Reactive + that is prepped from the factory with a 2000 Abralon finish. We were stunned that a ball with... [Read More]

Lane Masters The Buzz Legend

Lane Masters The Buzz Legend

The Lane Masters Buzz Legend has a higher RG than any of the other previous Buzz releases while the differential stays the same. The Buzz Legend uses a stronger pearlized cover that comes out of the box at a polished finish on top of 2000 Abralon. The polished finish provides easy length with a strong back end reaction. We found The Buzz Legend to be most useful on our medium... [Read More]

Ebonite Honor

Ebonite Honor

The Ebonite Honor takes the CB-2 Asymmetric core design from the Pivot and the Pivot Point and pairs it with a new hybrid coverstock formulation. This ball comes polished, unlike the last hybrid coverstock on this core, the Pivot. The Honor was best for us on our medium test pattern. This new coverstock provided a massive move when it got the back end. As much angle as our testers saw,... [Read More]

AMF Decimate

AMF Decimate

The new AMF Decimate has borrowed some technology from its sister company, 900 Global. This ball uses the Combustion Symmetric core that was found in the Freight Train and the popular “Soaker” F75 coverstock from a few different balls in the past couple of years. The result of this pairing is the birth a ball that provides big flare potential and plenty of movement on heavy oil conditions. We had... [Read More]

AMF Torch

AMF Torch

The Torch is the newest mid price release for AMF. This ball uses a pearl version of the F69 coverstock. This is a slightly less aggressive coverstock than the F75 used on the Decimate. On the inside is the medium differential Torch Asymmetric core. The Torch's polished box finish provides a long and strong reaction that gave us the best look on our medium test pattern. Cranker liked this ball... [Read More]

Ebonite Game Breaker 2

Ebonite Game Breaker 2

We try to not get excited when we get a ball in the same line or with a similar name or construction to a ball we liked previously. This is important so that we can stay neutral and non-biased in watching the reaction of the ball. That said, we are not going to lie: we got a little excited about the Ebonite Game Breaker 2. This ball is an updated... [Read More]

The BTM Archive – Featured Content


Seniors on Steroid Balls

Bowling can be a challenge for seniors, particularly those of us who remember what it was like prior to the “modern” game of steroidal bowling balls, synthetic lanes, and walled up house shots. Between all of the changes that the sport has gone through and all of the changes our bodies have gone through, going... [Read More]

how to read a program sheet part 2

How to Read a Program Sheet – Part 2

I promised that this month we would talk about how to translate all this data into a place to play on the lane, so here goes. What part of this do you really need to know and how will it help you? Here again is the 2012 Baton Rouge program sheet we’re using. (see below)... [Read More]

Release checklist

Shoulds and Should Nots – Part 3

Although a great release is the envy of every bowler not blessed with this talent, it becomes ineffective, actually worthless, if it is not executed at the proper point. What is the proper point and why is it important? An ideal release point allows a bowler to launch the ball into the lane from his... [Read More]

Powerhouse Blueprint

Test Driving Your Ball With Blueprint

This is the first in a series of articles on new technology for bowlers and others in the bowling industry. There is an old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”. For bowlers these are definitely interesting times. Never before have there been so many options for equipment. Bowling ball manufacturers are each touting... [Read More]

little changes that can make big differences

Little Changes That Can Make a Big Difference – Part 2

Sometimes when bowlers are in a slump or they just need something to get them to the next level, it only takes a small adjustment or change to make a big difference. In this article, I am continuing from the February 2013 BTM a list of things I know have made noticeable differences in people’s... [Read More]

onto the lane

Lofty Goals

In the March issue of BTM, I discussed some of the differences between the top players in bowling and players who are looking to improve their game. In this month’s article, I would like to give more detail about what separates the top players from those who tend to continue to struggle with all phases... [Read More]

ball weight, ball speed, pin carry, and wrist braces

Ball Weight, Ball Speed, Pin Carry, and Wrist Braces

We have two interesting topics to discuss that many of us have dealt with at some point in our bowling lives. Through years of working with our CATS system here in Reno, I’ve seen how low ball speed can adversely affect pin carry and scoring potential. Our first question deals with lowering ball weight as... [Read More]

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Bowling This Month is Officially Back!

I am very happy to announce today that Bowling This Month is officially back in business! After many months of hard work, we've just finished updating our website with everything necessary to launch our online subscription service. I really appreciate everyone's patience as we've worked through this transition. Now that we're back online, the majority of our focus can finally shift back where it belongs: delivering the best technical bowling content available to our loyal subscribers. While we will always keep a portion of our content open for everyone to view, the majority of our articles … [Read More]


Welcome to the New BowlingThisMonth.com

Thanks for visiting Bowling This Month's new website.  We're still very hard at work building the site and we aren't quite ready to start our subscription service, but we thought now would be a good time to invite the bowling world inside to take a look around. We still need a couple weeks to finish building the rest of the content and functionality, but we didn't want to wait any longer to start sharing information about the future plans for BTM.  We've added some archived content from recent issues of the print magazine and we're offering unrestricted viewing access to everyone for a … [Read More]