ThroBot: When Accuracy Counts

ThroBot: When Accuracy Counts

One of the questions we ask over and over is, “How do we know that?” It doesn’t matter whether someone is pontificating on some aspect of bowling ball motion or whether they are talking about the proper way to execute... [Read More]

An Interview with Bob Learn, Jr.

Confidence is his winning edge

Since that day when Bob Learn, Jr. tied or broke most of the PBA’s TV scoring records for an individual and led the five-member field to still other record-breaking performances, BTM has had numerous requests for information about him. In... [Read More]

Give It a Hand

When you are being measured for a bowling ball, the pro shop takes care to check the flexibility of the thumb and fingers, check for fatty tissue, and for bone length. While this has become the accepted method of fitting... [Read More]

Yee-Ha Sports Psychology

Down-home greats take a sideways look at performance

Attend a sports psychology conference or schedule an hour with a sports therapist. It’s a memorable experience to say the very least. They talk about a positive attitude, a desire to win, goal setting, and character development. Sports psychology is... [Read More]

Coaching Spotlight with Frank Buffa

Coaching Spotlight with Frank Buffa

Canada, like the United States, is building its Olympic bowling coaching program. Frank Buffa, the head man at Buffa Distribution, is one of only three coaches in that country to achieve Level Three status, the equivalent of what will become... [Read More]