Article Contents

  • 1. What are some of the best beverages to consume while bowling?
    • 1.1. Understanding nutritional information
  • 2. How much water should we drink?
  • 3. Is it okay to drink soda?
    • 3.1. What if I’m used to drinking soda all the time? Should I switch just for competition?
  • 4. What role do protein shakes play in competition?
  • 5. What are some foods that can improve/impair performance?
    • 5.1. Balancing blood sugar
    • 5.2. High-value foods
    • 5.3. Good competition snacks
    • 5.4. Hydration, hydration, hydration
  • 6. General nutrition questions
    • 6.1. Is breakfast important?
    • 6.2. Are all fruits and vegetables good? Or are some better than others?
    • 6.3. What are the consequences of a diet high in sodium, sugar, and/or carbohydrates?

As a dietitian and bowler, I receive many of the same questions on a regular basis. I have chosen a few of these questions and provided short answers to them here in this article.

The questions below relate to topics like beverage consumption during competition, which foods have the potential to improve or impair your performance, and what kind of snacks are best to consume while bowling. I have done my best to outline both the general nutrition premises and how your choices can have an impact on your performance on the lanes. Let’s get started!

What are some of the best beverages to consume while bowling?

Plain water is far and away the best gift you can give yourself when it comes to beverages. If you want to explore the different versions of bottled mineral and “smart” water, then by all means do so; just please recycle the bottles. Seltzer or soda water would be my second choice, as it is still relatively hydrating. Go for the ones without artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors. If you are a tea drinker, unsweetened tea (hot or cold) is another good option.

In order to decipher other sensible beverages, simply look at both the nutrition facts label and the ingredients list on the beverages in consideration. On the nutrition facts label, if you notice that the beverage has more than a few grams of sugar or is flavored but has zero everything, there’s a good chance it either has added sugars or artificial ingredients, respectively. Ultimately, added ...

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Valerie Bercier

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Valerie is originally from Brampton, Ontario, Canada and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from 2008 through 2012. She then attended the University of Rhode Island to finish up school and become a Registered Dietitian. Valerie is now a health coach and co-owner of Berberry Health & Wellness, LLC, as well as a PWBA Tour player. She took home the 2019 PWBA Rookie of the Year honors. Valerie is also a 10-time member of Team Canada.