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Last month, nutrition expert Raffi Narayan and I introduced some basic eating habit changes to help bowlers keep their bodies fully fueled for peak performance. Since even great eating habits can leave your body lacking in certain vitamins and important nutrients, we’ll talk about supplements this month.

Before we get started, it’s imperative that this article not be taken as detailed advice from a medical professional. Before making any decisions regarding supplementation, talk to a professional who is aware of your personal situation. This article is meant only as a general introduction to some of the supplemental products that are available on the market that could provide you with improved performance through better health and fitness.

It’s important to address a couple of pre-conceived ideas relating to the supplements industry. First, supplements are not performance enhancing drugs (PED). Thanks to many athletes claiming they were “only using supplements” after a positive drug test, there is a bit of a stigma surrounding the industry. While you do have to be aware of what is contained in the supplement mixes you ingest, as a general rule, “brand name” supplements and foods conform to government regulations and won’t contain PED. Like anything else, you should do some research before you start a program that includes supplements.

Secondly, supplements aren’t only for body builders. If you’re like me, you tend to associate the word “supplements” with protein powders and weight lifting, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While that is a part of the supplement industry, supplements are exactly what their name suggests: a source of nutrition to make up for deficiencies in your basic diet.

Athletes of all levels in all sports use supplements in addition to diet and training to achieve peak performance. What they use differs based on the strain they put on their bodies. That’s where a bowler’s needs can be identified. We can get key ...

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