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Bowling Tips and Techniques Articles

Putting the two fundamental concepts together


If you want to win, you don’t have to make perfect shots. If you need to be perfect, something is wrong. Find the right part of the lane and you’ll have some room to miss and, in turn, you’ll start...

Physical similarities and differences among bowlers at the top of the 2021 points list

Analyzing the PBA's Top 10 Players

At the top levels of elite sports, athletes’ physical movements efficiently produce kinetic energy, leading to maximum energy transfer. Put simply, top athletes use their bodies to produce and transfer energy to move, throw, or strike an object or person...

An example from the 2021 US Women's Open

Improving Your Bowling Through Self-Reflection

Once a tournament is finished, do you take the time to think about your performance? Not the result, but your performance? Taking the time to reflect on how you executed, your mental game, and your lane play choices can be very helpful. You...

Dealing with common bowling speed bumps


The first two parts of my troubleshooting series focused on physical issues, such as missing your target and release and balance problems. It’s time to approach things in a different way with another troubleshooting article. Rather than focusing on specific...

Oil pattern variables and house shots

Understanding Your Bowling Environment - Part 1

You’re bowling on a 38-foot pattern. You use the “Rule of 31” to establish that your ball should come out of the pattern on board 7, giving you a breakpoint around board 6. You take out your benchmark ball, but...