Bowling This Month is Officially Back!

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I am very happy to announce today that Bowling This Month is officially back in business! After many months of hard work, we've just finished updating our website with everything necessary to launch our online subscription service. I really appreciate everyone's patience as we've worked through this transition. Now that we're back online, the majority of our focus can finally shift back where it belongs: delivering the best technical bowling content available to our loyal subscribers. While we will always keep a portion of our content open for everyone to view, the majority of our articles … [Read More]

Welcome to the New


Thanks for visiting Bowling This Month's new website.  We're still very hard at work building the site and we aren't quite ready to start our subscription service, but we thought now would be a good time to invite the bowling world inside to take a look around. We still need a couple weeks to finish building the rest of the content and functionality, but we didn't want to wait any longer to start sharing information about the future plans for BTM.  We've added some archived content from recent issues of the print magazine and we're offering unrestricted viewing access to everyone for a … [Read More]

Ball Talk – Featured Reviews

Visionary Samurai

Visionary Samurai

The Visionary Samurai uses the React-A-Tack pearlized coverstock that comes out of the box at a 1500 grit polished finish and features Visionary's Classic core. This polished bowling ball packs quite a punch at the breakpoint and back end. Our testers liked this reaction shape best on our medium test pattern. Tweener and Stroker played close to each other on the fresh. Both testers were just inside the second arrow,... [Read More]

Track Hx05

Track Hx05

The Hx05 is the new mid price release from Track. This ball is the first to use a new naming system. It is the first ball that carries the “H” name, designed for high rev players. This ball has an intermediate differential of .005, which is where the last two digits of the name are from. The Hx05 uses a new coverstock in addition to the new naming system. This... [Read More]

Track Mx10

Track Mx10

The Mx10 is the first in the new “M” series of balls produced by Track marketed towards bowlers with medium rev rates. The Mx10 uses a new hybrid coverstock that comes out of the box at 500/1000 Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish. This MR-6 Hybrid coverstock surrounds the asymmetrical, lower RG Face core design and these factors equate to a colossal move down lane. The Mx10 was our favorite... [Read More]

The BTM Archive – Featured Content

Reno, Here I Come!

Reno, Here I Come!

If you haven’t seen the movie Miracle yet, do yourself a favor and see it immediately. It is a fantastic story about the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team and, more importantly, their training and preparation that culminated with an inspirational victory in New York more than twenty years ago. The dedication necessary to become a... [Read More]

Worn Lane Surface

Keeping an Open Mind

What I’m about to tell you appears that I am in favor of synthetic lanes over wood lanes. I am. Wood lanes today are becoming extinct. However, to be fair to those who bowl in a wood lane house, I'll include some tips on what to look for and how to understand wood. What I’d... [Read More]

Off the Top of My Head – June 1995

It's time again for the Senior Master's. That's the ABC-sponsored event where the powers-that-be in Greendale openly admit that "good" bowlers over the age of fifty have no chance against the elite bowling kids, an admission they refuse to make when it comes to the rank and file. Every year, thousands of over-50 ABC regulars... [Read More]

Off the Top of My Head – May 1995

I grew up Navy. That means that every few months, I moved to a new town in a new state with new friends and a completely new environment. Culture shock for me became the norm, but the thing I never got used to was TV. Everywhere we moved, the shows were different. This was in... [Read More]