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Track Tour X Solid

Track Tour X Solid

The latest mid-price release from Track is their new Tour X Solid. This ball follows up the original pearlized Tour X by sharing the same DNA weight block, but this one uses a solid recipe of their DR-4 coverstock. This cover uses a finishing process of 3000 Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish. We had our best ball reaction with the Tour X Solid on our medium test pattern. All... [Read More]


Hammer Arson High Flare

The newest mid-price ball from Hammer is the Arson High Flare. While the name will be familiar to Hammer fans, the High Flare is new both in core and coverstock. The new Modified Arson 2 weight block is similar in shape to previous Arson cores, but this version's differential has been bumped up to the highest value out of all previous Arsons, hence the High Flare name. The coverstock is... [Read More]

900 Global Respect Pearl

900 Global Respect Pearl

The Respect Pearl is the new eye candy for the 900 Global lineup this season. This ball uses the same Tetra core as the first Respect, but this time surrounds it with a pearlized version of the 74 Response coverstock. Like the original Respect, this ball was a beast at the back of the lane on our medium test pattern. The 1500 grit polished box finish was best for all... [Read More]


900 Global Dream Big

The newest addition to 900 Global’s high-end Engineer series is the Dream Big. This ball uses the 79 Alert Solid coverstock, where the previous releases in this line, the Dream and Dream On, used versions of the 74 Alert cover. It features the same Identity Asymmetric core as the two previous Dreams. The stronger cover of the Dream Big comes out of the box at a 4000 Abralon finish, giving... [Read More]


Motiv Rebel Tank

The Motiv Rebel Tank is the newest urethane-covered ball for Motiv, replacing last year's original Tank. This ball utilizes a new pearlized urethane coverstock formula and wraps it around the very successful Halogen symmetrical weight block. This pearlized urethane and higher RG core (compared to the Gear core used in the Tank) will help this new release retain more energy for more motion downlane. The new Tank comes out of... [Read More]

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Staying Lined Up – Part 1

Staying Lined Up - Part 1

Over the next several issues, I wanted to cover a topic near and dear to the hearts of many bowlers: staying lined up. I’ve seen many systems and strategies over the years to help bowlers get lined up before a tournament or league, but very few deal with strategies for how to respond as the... [Read More]

Should Coaches Rely on Cameras or Watchful Eyes?

Should Coaches Rely on Cameras or Watchful Eyes?

Bowling is currently benefiting from a growing number of highly qualified instructors. Proper coaching and instruction have been the catalyst for the growth of golf and tennis. These two sports, along with bowling, are not instinctively natural. They can only be improved by proper instruction. Unfortunately, in the past bowling has not been as eager... [Read More]

Stuff To Do, No Matter What – Part 3

Stuff to Do No Matter What - Part 3

Here are the last few No Matter Whats...at least until I learn some more. “No matter Whats”,—if you’re just tuning in to the series—are what I call universal bowling applications. The pay attention NMW I’m always surprised at the number of people who don’t know the path their ball traveled on the lane. I frequently... [Read More]

Quick Fixes and Preps for the Upcoming Season

Quick Fixes and Preps for the Upcoming Season

It’s August and the bowling season is right around the corner. Last month, I assigned a bit of summer homework to help you improve some fundamentals. This month, I wanted to discuss some of things to help get you started for the 2011-2012 season. We’ll start with ball work. Ball work – fit A bowler’s... [Read More]