Chris Hester

About Chris Hester

Chris Hester is a lifelong competitive bowler from the Louisville, Kentucky area. He was a two-time All-American on the Morehead State University bowling team and he competes today in many of the top amateur events throughout the Midwest. Chris served as the Staff Manager for Ebonite International from 2012 until 2019, where he provided support to Ebonite's international amateur staff and collegiate programs.

Thoughts From the 2022 US Women’s Open

Player perspectives, analysis, and equipment selection

Thoughts From the 2022 US Women's Open

The amount of preparation that is required prior to an event like the US Women’s Open can easily get overlooked, as most preparation takes place well in advance of the telecast. But aside from the obvious on-lane and mental game... [Read More]

Professional Bowling’s International Influence

Life on the road with Dom Barrett, Jason Belmonte, and Daria Pajak

Professional Bowling's International Influence

This is quite an exciting time to be a professional bowling fan. Whether you're talking about the PBA or the PWBA, in the opinion of many experts, the talent has never been deeper, and it seemingly gets younger each season.... [Read More]

Succeeding on the PWBA Tour

Featuring Liz Kuhlkin, Danielle McEwan, Shannon O'Keefe, and Maria Jose Rodriguez

Succeeding on the PWBA Tour

The PWBA burst back onto the scene in 2015 thanks to a three-year funding commitment from the USBC and BPAA, giving a generation of female bowlers a new platform to show off their abilities. The 2018 PWBA season consists of... [Read More]

The PBA Youth Movement

A discussion on the PBA Tour, life on the road, and how to make the jump to the pro level

The PBA Youth Movement

With the PBA Tour kicking off again, I thought it would be a good time to sit down with a few of the young up-and-coming players to get their thoughts on some topics related to bowling at the professional level.... [Read More]

15 Pounds vs. 16 Pounds

What bowling ball weight is best for your game?

15 Pounds vs. 16 Pounds

There is an old saying that reads as follows: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This statement rings true today in the world of bowling, as we are seeing a common topic widely debated that has... [Read More]

A Look at the 2017 USBC Open Championships

Insights and tips from several top amateurs on how to attack this year's event

A Look at the 2017 USBC Open Championships

The USBC Open Championships is one of the most exciting events of the year for anyone that gets the chance to participate. With its prestigious history, the stadium or convention center setting, the demanding lane pattern, and the fact that... [Read More]