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  • 1. The PWBA Tour life
  • 2. Tips for up-and-coming female bowlers
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The PWBA burst back onto the scene in 2015 thanks to a three-year funding commitment from the USBC and BPAA, giving a generation of female bowlers a new platform to show off their abilities. The 2018 PWBA season consists of 13 events, which includes nine standard tournaments and four majors, and is currently in full swing.

I recently had a chance to connect with some of the PWBA’s talented athletes to get their thoughts on the PWBA Tour, learn about how they manage life on the road, and get their best tips for the next generation of aspiring professionals.

The PWBA Tour life

There are many aspects of tour life that PWBA fans don’t often think about that must be dealt with when traveling from event to event.

“It’s quite brutal, honestly,” Storm’s Danielle McEwan told us. “Every weekend is jam-packed between travel, practice, meetings, competing, and pro-ams. Dinner on Friday night is always a challenge. There is a major decision to make in weighing the importance of food over sleep after such a long day of qualifying. The biggest challenge definitely comes after a rough weekend, when you have just three days to get yourself together both physically and mentally to be ready for the next event.”

Danielle McEwan

Danielle McEwan (Photo courtesy of PWBA)

Brunswick’s Liz Kuhlkin told us, “It’s difficult to avoid eating badly while on the road. There are a lot of poor options, especially when you have to eat fast. I am fortunate when I’m at home, as I came from a household with a lot of home-cooked meals. I try to stay in hotels that have kitchenettes so that I can purchase food and cook myself. It is important to have a good breakfast and a lean and green dinner.”

“The hardest thing to do is find healthy food options when you’re on the road. Our days are really long, so by the time you leave the center there are not a lot of places open,” Hammer’s Shannon O’Keefe told us. “Last year, I started bringing AdvoCare meal replacement shakes and I will continue to do so this summer. I might even stop at a grocery store to pick up items ...

Chris Hester

About Chris Hester

Chris Hester is a lifelong competitive bowler from the Louisville, Kentucky area. He was a two-time All-American on the Morehead State University bowling team and he competes today in many of the top amateur events throughout the Midwest. Chris is currently the Staff Manager for Ebonite International, where he provides support to Ebonite's international amateur staff and collegiate programs.