The BTM Ball Testing Team

About The BTM Ball Testing Team

The BTM Ball Testing Team is led by Eric Martinez. Our team of three testers has thrown and reviewed hundreds of bowling balls for Bowling This Month. When not testing balls for BTM, Eric owns and operates University Pro Shop in San Antonio, TX and he is an avid competitive bowler. Click here to learn more about how we test and review bowling balls.

Track Ultra Heat

Track Ultra Heat

The Ultra Heat is the newest hybrid-covered addition to Track’s Mid Performance lineup. This ball fits right between the pearlized Heat and the solid-covered Heat X-Treme. The Ultra Heat shares the same Modified Tri-Core as the previous balls in the... [Read More]

Motiv Venom Shock Pearl


The latest addition to the Venom line is a throwback of sorts. The Venom Shock Pearl uses a modified version of the Gear core that was used in the original Venom Shock from several years back. The Top Gear weight... [Read More]

Storm SonIQ

Storm SonIQ

The Storm SonIQ uses a weight block with a familiar shape, but its densities have been altered for this new release. The new Centripetal HD core utilizes a slightly lower RG and has a larger flare potential than the C3... [Read More]

Hammer Rip’D

Hammer Rip'D

The Rip'D is the polished half of Hammer's new high performance duo and it offers more length and a sharper reaction off the dry than its sibling, the Rip'D Solid. The Rip'D can be used to start on medium volume... [Read More]

Hammer Rip’D Solid

Hammer Rip'd Solid

The Rip'D Solid is one of two new high performance balls for Hammer in this dual release. It uses the new Aggression Solid CFI coverstock with a 500/1000/2000 Abralon box finish. Both new Hammer balls feature the new low RG,... [Read More]

DV8 Pitbull Bite


The DV8 Pitbull Bite is the newest dog in the fight against heavy oil patterns. This ball uses the same Pitbull Low RG Asymmetric core as the previous Pitbulls, but with a new coverstock called Composite Fang. This solid cover... [Read More]

Storm Drive


The Drive is the second ball from Storm to use the Dual-Drive symmetrical core shape, with the first being the Timeless. It pairs this high RG, high differential core with the R2S Nano Hybrid coverstock. The Drive is ready for... [Read More]

Track Alias


The Alias brings a new nameplate, a new coverstock, and a new core design into Track’s high performance line. This ball features the new Alias core, which can be drilled to make the ball either symmetrical or asymmetrical without the... [Read More]

900 Global Shadow Ops


The Shadow Ops joins several others balls that use different versions of the Break Asymmetric core in 900 Global's Preferred line. This variation has a higher RG and a lower differential than the version that was used in the Black... [Read More]

Roto Grip Hyper Cell Fused


The Nucleus asymmetrical core makes its return to the Roto Grip lineup with the release of the Hyper Cell Fused. On the outside, this ball uses a new hybrid coverstock called eTrax-H18 that comes out of the box with the... [Read More]