The BTM Ball Testing Team

About The BTM Ball Testing Team

The BTM Ball Testing Team is led by Eric Martinez. Our team of three testers has thrown and reviewed hundreds of bowling balls for Bowling This Month. When not testing balls for BTM, Eric owns and operates University Pro Shop in San Antonio, TX and he is an avid competitive bowler. Click here to learn more about how we test and review bowling balls.

Brunswick True Motion

Brunswick True Motion

The True Motion brings a true urethane coverstock to the Brunswick line for the first time since the Karma Urethane. Its True Urethane cover surrounds the symmetrical core design that was used previously in the Magnitude 035. This lower differential... [Read More]

Hammer Black Widow Urethane

Hammer Black Widow Urethane

The Black Widow Urethane combines a solid urethane coverstock with what is arguably the most popular core design ever from Hammer. The high-flaring Gas Mask core is unchanged from the other Widow line releases, with an RG of 2.50", a... [Read More]

Roto Grip All-Out Show Off


The All-Out Show Off is the newest reactive hybrid addition to Roto Grip's HP2 line. This ball joins the pearlized Wreck-Em and the solid original Show Off, adding a new option with easy length and strong downlane motion to this... [Read More]

Roto Grip Dare Devil Danger

Roto Grip Dare Devil Danger

The Dare Devil Danger is the third ball in Roto Grip's HP3 line to use the Madcap symmetrical weight block. The Danger uses a hybrid version of the Psyched coverstock, finished with the Utah-standard 1500 grit polished box finish. This... [Read More]

900 Global Absolute Truth


The 900 Global Absolute Truth uses the S80R Hybrid coverstock from the Inception Redux and pairs it with the Adaptor/C Symmetric weight block from the previous two Truth releases. It comes out of the box with the "E" pad finish... [Read More]

900 Global X2


The X² is the newest release in the Tour Preferred line for 900 Global. It uses the same low differential Pod Symmetric weight block as the original X, but with a stronger solid coverstock. The X² utilizes the new ICE... [Read More]

Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Blue


The Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Blue brings back the Modified Resurgence weight block from previous Eruption Pro bowling balls and pairs it with the Bend-It Solid coverstock. This medium RG, lower differential core shape will allow the Eruption Pro Blue... [Read More]

DV8 Vandal Strike


The Vandal Strike is the latest ball from DV8 to carry the Vandal name. This version uses the Composite Flip Pearl coverstock and the Vandal Low RG Asymmetric core. The Vandal Strike comes out of the box finished with 500... [Read More]

Motiv Lethal Paranoia


The Lethal Paranoia is the latest skid/flip release from Motiv. It uses the same Oblivion core from the previous two Paranoia releases and pairs it with the Hexion Hybrid coverstock. This cover clears the front of the lane effortlessly, retaining... [Read More]

Radical Tremendous Pearl

Radical Tremendous Pearl

The Radical Tremendous Pearl uses the Guru Asymmetric core from the original Tremendous and Guru series and surrounds it with a new pearlized coverstock. This new pearl cover—named Ai30—is finished with a 500 SiaAir pad and Crown Factory Compound. We... [Read More]