Motiv Forge


The Forge pairs Motiv's most aggressive solid coverstock with a strong symmetrical core design. Its Coercion HFS coverstock is prepped from the factory with a 3000 grit sanded finish, which provides strong traction in the midlane and a big continuous... [Read More]

Brunswick Cutting Edge Pearl


The Cutting Edge Pearl is the third Cutting Edge release in Brunswick’s Advanced line. It shares the Cutting Edge Low RG Symmetric core shape with the other two Cutting Edge balls. The changes in coverstock and box finish keep these... [Read More]

Radical Squatch

Radical Squatch

The Radical Squatch pairs a familiar core with a new coverstock. Its symmetrical core is the same design that was used in the Yeti series from years past. The cover is Radical's new Ai-39 formulation, which is a reactive pearl.... [Read More]

Track Precision Solid


The Precision Solid is the second ball in the Track lineup to use the asymmetrical Precision SD core design. This is the same weight block found in the original Precision, with the big difference for this release being on the... [Read More]

Hammer Flawless

Hammer Flawless

The Hammer Flawless features a new core design that is paired up with a seasoned coverstock. The symmetrical 40 Watt weight block is a classic lightbulb shape with a medium RG of 2.52" and a medium differential of 0.041", offering... [Read More]

Columbia 300 Chaos


The Chaos brings back an older nameplate into the Orange Line for Columbia 300. The new Chaos weight block results in a lower RG (2.48") than any of the original Chaos balls from the late 1990s. The coverstock is a... [Read More]

Radical Katana Legend


The Radical Katana Legend uses the same Katana Asymmetric core design that was used in the three previous Katana releases. This shape provides an RG of 2.503", a total differential of 0.050", and an intermediate differential of 0.020". The difference... [Read More]

Brunswick Kingpin Rule

Brunswick Kingpin Rule

The Kingpin Rule uses the same asymmetrical Kingpin Ultra Low RG core shape as all the previous Kingpin releases. It pairs this weight block with the ECA-XR solid reactive coverstock from the Quantum Bias. The result is a ball that... [Read More]

Ebonite Choice Pearl

Ebonite Choice Pearl

The Choice Pearl is the second Ebonite ball to use the asymmetrical Mod-1 core design. While the original Choice used the GSV-1 Hybrid cover with a dull box finish, this Choice has a polished pearlized coverstock. Its GSV-1 Pearl cover... [Read More]

Jet Raider-X


The Raider-X is the first ball for review from Jet Bowling in several years. This ball uses a core design called Jet Flying Arrow Symmetrical. This shape gives the Raider-X an RG of 2.530" and a total differential of 0.052".... [Read More]